March 31, 2008

You made me ink!

Bald Eagle's Run was almost foiled by Tracka's diversion tactic of trying to get us to the on-on before the run. Run was good, despite the icy conditions we safely negotiated the 6.82 kilometers which took us to great heights (just over 100m.), from Well's car park (at 5m above sea level). The run took 48 minutes and a mere 365.1 kCal. For the record that is about 3 fingers of a KitKat bar!

Whoaps Tracka, I think you need to wipe it off!

Gone Again is up for some lost property, scattering his belongings in each of the three cars as well as the on-on... What's on his mind?
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Giggles submitted these pics of the walkers on Dyke's run.

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the.....
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March 25, 2008

Dyke's Easter Run in Port Sorell

After a walk around the block we almost called it quits - the blind walkers following the blind talkers not having found the trail across the bridge almost gave up, but decided to give it another whirl as we'd only gone for 15 minutes!

In the end the run was a flat (0-20m) 5.96kms which we covered in 45 minutes! 430 kCalories were burned and copious ones consumed in the BBQ afterwards. Dint got 12 down downs for his photo appearing in the paper a gazillion times, and the cheap port for desert made urine the topic of choice for Giggles and GoneAgain.

Hareline Reminder:
  • 31/03/08 Bald Eagle Wells car park, Latrobe
  • 07/04/08 Dint TBA
  • 14/04/08 Tracka TBA

On On,

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March 18, 2008

Bastard's St Patricks Punishment

Of course I had the gadget in myu pocket... but turned it on too late.
I measured these facts: We peaked at 140m and the cars were parked at 40m. above sealevel.
Dint told some local we went for a HASH run when asked what the cars were all about heading into the Dial range. On return we had the cops waiting for us. Bastard was long gone and drinking at home by that stage.

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March 13, 2008

HOFT - Sunday, April 6

Attention Hashers -

The next HOFT (don't ask what number as Tracka was keeping count), will be a trek up Mt Murchinson, near Tullah, on the West Coast. The plan at this stage is to leave Macca's in Burnie around 9.30 a.m. and car pool to Tullah.

Your guide for this fantastic trek up the mountain past alpine lakes and impressive cliffs is DINT. Dint is working in Hobart the night before and may travel to the West Coast from the South and meet you at Tullah (near the cafe - formerly the tavern) around 10.45 a.m., so someone else will have to organise the car pooling.

Updates later (an update is more news, or alternatively where you can stick it if you're
not interested).

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PS. Photos from someone's hike up there <here>

March 11, 2008

Receding Hareline

  • 17/03/08 Bastard Hole in the road, Dial Road Penguin, past motocross track
  • 24/03/08 Dyke Port Sorell Hall
  • 31/03/08 Bald Eagle Wells car park, Latrobe
  • 07/04/08 Dint TBA
  • 14/04/08 Tracka TBA

On On


March 10, 2008

Captain Crab's Run

Remarkable run arranged by Captain Crab. He skillfully managed to get his wife to cook, his daughter to serve, Flasher to set the run, and GoneAgain to check on them. All went well and we got fed after our 7.13km run which we covered in 51 minutes -just over 7 minutes per kilometer! We probabably burned about 514.3 kCal. +/- 0.2 if your weight was about 70kg. Some of the (speed)humps on the run were as high as 20 meters - which we hit about 4-5 times.

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