March 13, 2008

HOFT - Sunday, April 6

Attention Hashers -

The next HOFT (don't ask what number as Tracka was keeping count), will be a trek up Mt Murchinson, near Tullah, on the West Coast. The plan at this stage is to leave Macca's in Burnie around 9.30 a.m. and car pool to Tullah.

Your guide for this fantastic trek up the mountain past alpine lakes and impressive cliffs is DINT. Dint is working in Hobart the night before and may travel to the West Coast from the South and meet you at Tullah (near the cafe - formerly the tavern) around 10.45 a.m., so someone else will have to organise the car pooling.

Updates later (an update is more news, or alternatively where you can stick it if you're
not interested).

On, On


PS. Photos from someone's hike up there <here>

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