November 25, 2014

Fwd: Run 1746 - Monday 1st December

NEXT RUN: Hare Tracka advises Hash starts and finishes at Cnr South Esplanade and Port Street, Port Sorell. (swimming pool park near mouth of Panatana Rivulet.). Usual Hash time of 6.45pm.

Run 1745

Hashers arrived to find Soff and Landing's Australia Flag flying at half-mast as a sign o f respect following  the death of Mattress who suddenly went to Sky Hash on Saturday. May all her trails be  down-hill and the winds blow in the direction of her travel.

Mattress's death reminds us that we are all mortal and that we should enjoy our times at Hash as we never know when it may be our last.

​Our Mattress.... RIP at SkyHHH

Soff set a trail that traversed the Caravan Park to the beach, then westward-ho into a howling gale. (well at least some of us were crying) A clever inland double back to the 'burbs saw hashers going in all directions causing considerable consternation and pain for the Trailmaster. It turned his hair grey. Past where the berries grow the walkers diverted across the rail-line and the runners continued to go Forth (river that is). Crow ran fifth and short cut as usual. Thrust and Eagle tried  to miss the Master Check and the HHH but the Trailmaster religiously called them back. (saying where the hell have you been!) Meanwhile Maggie and Cheese decided they had had enough. .... and there was Crow.

Hashers returned to the Hash House to enjoy Landing's usual excellent spread. Bastard conducted The Lipperary and dispensed "downs" for trivial offences. Rhubarb .... Rhubarb.... The Huh was awarded but due to my exhaustion I am unable remember to whom.

Thank you Soff and Landing.

Keep your mobiles at the ready in anticipation of your Sunday text.


November 20, 2014

Run 1745

Confirming next Monday night's run is at Soff & Landing's place at 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach.
Continuing our trial to ascertain "expected" attendees, you will receive a text on Sunday 'arvo asking to reply "yes" if you think you will be there. If "no" ~ don't reply.
Run 1744
FC was our host and set a graffiti trail of pink fluorescent paint in the form of Aboriginal Artwork dotted on trees. Firstly we navigated  down into the valley where nobody goes, we found a young lady without any clothes, along comes a hasher all tattered and torn  ... I forget the rest .... Some of us found a Master Check before we started ascending Mt Gillam. Through scrubland we hashed to find a black track and another Master Check. Some enterprising hashers had already left before the pack arrived. They were anxious to continue to the summit as they were sensing the possibility of  transfiguration before a heavenly ascension. It didn't happen!! A rest at Wealth Corner enable the pack to regroup before descending through the spud paddock to another "dam" master check. Onwards the pink spots appeared before our eyes to find the HHH emblazed on a Eucalyptus Obliqua. Returning back to the Hash House F had organised a convivial on-on around a mimosa fire. It was good to welcome back mattress. Tracka conducted the "lipperary" and somehow Crow managed to convince the assembled that he was worthy of the hub...   Thank you FC. Well done!!
Photo as depicted is by courtesy of Cradle Coast Tours and sponsored by Eden Moore Joinery.

November 16, 2014

Up and Cummin

Run       When                  Who                                           Where
1745       24/11/2014         Soff          40 Esplanade, Turners Beach
1746        01/12/2014        Tracka    Port Sorell
1747        08/12/2014.    Foghorn                                    T/B/A          
1748        15/12/2014        Boner   (GV setting)                      2/2 Wrights Rd, U'stone (off Trevor St)
1749       22/12/2014         Cheese (Christmas Run)                Amherst St West Ulverstone
1750       29/12/2014         Bastard                                                    TBA
1751       04/01/2015         Crow (wet t/shirt run)                      Oz Rock Inn
1754       25/01/2015         Ratchet & Knickers (TBC)                   Port Sorell   

FCs turn

Salutations Fellow Hashers,

Triple Top excelled as usual with her run on Monday night. The walkers partook of a variable course through scrub and suburbia while the runners had their ups and downs. Actually it was Fanny May who had her ups and downs despite warnings from the hare.

Thank you Triple Top. A hostess with the mostess!

Next Monday’s Hash is under the control of FC from 190 Stubbs Road, via Turners Beach. And as a trial would you please indicate if you may be attending by texting your Hash Name and “Yes” or “No” to Guardsvan on 0417398235 by 12 Noon Monday.
This will assist the hare with catering. It is an indication only and not a commitment.


Assistant Trailmaster

November 4, 2014

Next Week's Hash; KISS

Run No 1743 will be from The Dell Luck Reserve near The Don Railway at usual hash time. This will be the AGM. As Grand Mattress Thrust is unable to attend, she has already anointed Black Tracka as her successor.

Run Organiser Triple Top has declared this a KISS run (keep it simple stupid). As I am throwing out the flour I am not sure what she is trying to say.

The Receding Hareline will be released in a separate "post".

Report on Run 1742.

11 walkers and 5 runners fronted for Dint's Expanding Universe Theory trail which "expanded" in ever increasing spirals with the Hash House as the nucleus. The walkers headed home from one of the inner loops while the runners continued on their ever developing helix including The Caroline Street Inclinator. They eventually imploded at the HHH and free fell back to the Hash House to enjoy a Pinks Bits spread of universal proportions. An entertaining Foggie liperary followed including a welcome to fist time hasher Sniffa. Dint was the recipient of the hub for reasons I do not recall.

Well done Koff and Dint. A sum of $300 was donated to The Cancer Council as a result of your efforts.

On On


November 2, 2014

Showus yer Pink bits!

Whoops, GA never posted this for Dint...

LAST NIGHT – Crab set a trail from Otto’s Grotto around the foreshore, through Fairway Park, where runners and walkers split. It was a very windy night and runners lost trail near paedophile's paradise (Sacred Heart Primary School). After a bit of searching they all said “fuck Crab,” and returned to the hut at Otto’s Grotto, where Crab insisted trail went through the school grounds, despite a new sign saying it was not a thorough fare and trespassers would be prosecuted, and the rest of the trail must have blown away. We all said “bullshit,” and adjourned for some of the best sausages Crab has ever supplied – pizza and garlic bread.

Crab kept with the Italian theme and also provided Neapolitan ice cream (with crushed nuts) for dessert. In the absence of the lip (Foghorn) and lower lip (Bedpan), Crow usurped Koff’s authority (lower, lower lip) and conducted the lippery. Numerous down downs were administered – none of them for anything worth remembering, apart from Phay Wray visiting from Burnie (with Harley – dog, not bike) in tow. Phay Wray labelled Devonport a “boys club” despite Koff, Tinsel, and Ewe Turn being present, so we told her to show us her tits or fuck off. She did neither, so we gave her a down down, which she complained was too cold and tasted of too much beer (unlike Burnie’s brew, which tastes of too much ginger beer).

The lippery was conducted with the usual volume, which scared Harley, only because the Burnie Hash runs are such quiet and boring events and he wasn’t used to all the excitement. After the lippery, Crow conducted a rigged raffle, handing out junk, prizes gathered on his recent trip to Vanuatu. Unfortunately, the tickets were free, so we couldn’t ask for a refund. However, we decided we should ban hashers from future overseas trips, based on the quality prizes we seem to get when they return.

NEXT WEEK’S RUN – Show us Your Pink Bits Run
at 14 Church St, East Devonport, usual hash time.

Koff and Dint’s annual (well, it is now because we’ve claimed it) pink themed run. Please wear something pink and encourage as many hashers as possible to attend – all run fees for the night will be donated to the Cancer Council Tasmania. As was the case food will also be themed pink (including half-cooked meat, which will be pink in the middle). If you haven’t seen our pink food before, it’s worth a look - and you can probably look at it again the next day when you bring it back up. On,On – Dint

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