November 20, 2014

Run 1745

Confirming next Monday night's run is at Soff & Landing's place at 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach.
Continuing our trial to ascertain "expected" attendees, you will receive a text on Sunday 'arvo asking to reply "yes" if you think you will be there. If "no" ~ don't reply.
Run 1744
FC was our host and set a graffiti trail of pink fluorescent paint in the form of Aboriginal Artwork dotted on trees. Firstly we navigated  down into the valley where nobody goes, we found a young lady without any clothes, along comes a hasher all tattered and torn  ... I forget the rest .... Some of us found a Master Check before we started ascending Mt Gillam. Through scrubland we hashed to find a black track and another Master Check. Some enterprising hashers had already left before the pack arrived. They were anxious to continue to the summit as they were sensing the possibility of  transfiguration before a heavenly ascension. It didn't happen!! A rest at Wealth Corner enable the pack to regroup before descending through the spud paddock to another "dam" master check. Onwards the pink spots appeared before our eyes to find the HHH emblazed on a Eucalyptus Obliqua. Returning back to the Hash House F had organised a convivial on-on around a mimosa fire. It was good to welcome back mattress. Tracka conducted the "lipperary" and somehow Crow managed to convince the assembled that he was worthy of the hub...   Thank you FC. Well done!!
Photo as depicted is by courtesy of Cradle Coast Tours and sponsored by Eden Moore Joinery.

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