May 28, 2009

Nash Hash Photos and more...

Coming to you from Dini's HashSpace we have the latest photos from the Nash Hash 2009 in Cairns. Dhash is not responsible for content. In fact noone at Dhash is responsible for that matter.

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The Burnie's AGPU BoneIdol photos are posted on HashSpace (only for HashSpace members) <here>. We might like to use these to ridicule Burnie Hash or just use it against them in one form or another:

Our next run is at Killer's in Forth, in William street: <click for Google Map>

May 27, 2009

Receding hareline

01/06/2009 - Killer
08/06/2009 - Tracka
15/06/2009 - Mabel/Dyke
22/06/2009 - Foghorn



May 25, 2009

Bald Eagle Tonight

Tonight's run reminder:  

Bald Eagle's: 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport.

Also a reminder to keep an eye on Burnie's blog:
They  post their AGPU pics there. You can also click <here > to see them.

May 18, 2009

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 web page

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 web page now up and running (short-cutting, of course). The direct link is .


Nope, hotdogs and goulash.

Good run for the runners, good walk for the walkers, no facilities for Feelz onWheels and Guardsvan got molested by a DoodleDo who immediately acted as emergency nurse (he survived with some good scratches). It was obvious DoodleDo was a Vietnam veteran, all she did was laugh at his scratches and drink beer.
Click <here> for the interactive map.
Next run at Bald Eagle's: 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport.
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Burnie H3's Wild West Weekend VI

Idol Through Waratah’s Wild West Wilderness

25th and 26th July, 2009

Bischoff Hotel, Waratah

Arrival at Hotel around noon for room allocation

Run commences 2.00pm sharp

Idol acts required!

Heaps of prizes for best male, female and duo, also best male and female group, best costumes etc.

You can sing along or mime your act, so get started right now

Last year we had Tina Turner, Cher, The Diva and Mike Jagger

Cost $65.00 per person, which covers:

Run and on-on
Accommodation overnight (shared) at Bischoff Hotel

Three-course home-cooked meal

Cooked breakfast

Only 39 Beds available at the Pub, so book early or miss out

Contact Phay Wray ( or Dini ( to book

May 12, 2009

Feels on Wheels in the Grotto

A large contingent of keen walkers assembled at Otto's Grotto ready to be enterained. GoneAgain forgot to bring his mind and his rollerblades and thought he had lost it altogether when Coconut introduced herself as Coconut from Devonport. Amazing what happens when you miss a few runs. Like coming home and some pretty stranger opens your own door and says she lives there.

Anyways, the pack was uncontrolled, not even stopping for master checks. The latter was noted by Duly aka Dini.
BBQ tasted good, whatever it was that was served in the dingy dark, grimey and thus befitting, one tea candle per table surrounds of the Grotto.

Next run is at Cheese's abode at Amherst Street in Ulverstone.
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May 11, 2009

FNQ Nash Hash Cute Butt Competition

Against a talented field and some “stiff” judging at the divine hands of Betty Boop and DV8, Cheese was victorious over Flasher by a G-string and a short half-ferret. Congratulations, Cheese!

May 10, 2009

HOFT Sunday May 17

Next  HOFT (day walk) set by Dyke to Mount Pillinger ...

  • Bring: Hat, mug, joke, friend, day-walk gear, lunch, and money for pub tea.
  • Sunday May 17th, 7.30am, Meet at the Big Apple, Spreyton
With a bit of luck we will stumble upon the remains of a little plane that crashed there many years ago.

May 3, 2009

It's official

Aussie Nash Hash 2011Time: February 25, 2011 at 6pm to February 27, 2011 at 2:30pm
State/Province: Tasmania
Posted By: Grizzly

Event Description:
The 14th biennial Aussie Nash Hash will be hosted by the combined hash clubs of Tasmania, centered in the state's capital city, Hobart. The event is book-ended by a variety of pre- and post-lubes around the state. Come hashing in your natural state - Tasmania!

See more details and RSVP on HashSpace: <click here>.
In case you don't know about HashSpace:
HashSpace13758 members
233396 photos
2079 videos
2321 discussions
728 Events
2225 blog posts

Tasmania has secured the rights to host Aussie Nash Hash 2011.  Celebrating tonight - work starts on our return.

February 25-27th, 2011—Aussie Nash Hash Tasmania

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