February 25, 2013

Run tonight from FC's place on Stubbs Road!

In case you didn't see this paragraph on the Burnie Hash Cumminarway blog entry, here it is again:

'On a brighter note,.. next Devonport run is from FC's place on Stubbs Road up from Turners Beach.'

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February 20, 2013

BURNIE HHH 1200TH- Zodiac Run

9th March at Ringo's Aquarian Centre
  • Cum as your star sign
  • $20 For Run, Bucket and Piss Stop
  • BYO Booze, Meat and a Salad or Dessert
  • Registration 1pm for 2pm Start

February 19, 2013

Burnie Hash cumminar Way

Burnie Hash running from 7 Hamilton street in Latrobe this Sunday. Don't miss this quasi religious experience. Your priestess will be DT and she won't forgive or forget this Sunday if we don't make a show.

Bastard's run from the hole in the road was heinous, but exactly according to plan. 

On a brighter note,.. next Devonport run is from FC's place on Stubbs Road up from Turners Beach.

February 17, 2013

Hole in Road

Next run on Monday 18 Feb: Bastard setting run from the Hole in the road, Dial Road Penguin, past motocross track... Be there!

February 7, 2013

Say Cheese

Cheese's Birthday run, which should've been run in our birthday suits, included a fair share of highway running, no petty short cuts or false trails or R/W complications. Topped off by a railway bridge crossing which was timed perfectly to have the train pass between the runners and the walkers crossing it. Pizza at his mum's place was flawless, fortunately, but I discovered his mum does not appreciate Down Down Beer Burps in her general direction.

Next run, Mon 11 Feb 630pm, set by BedPan from 11a Percey St in Devonport down the long driveway. Expect to get wet at the OnOn as the big bedpan will be full of warm water for us. Bring togs unless you plan to go in nude, oh, and the Swedish-made penis enlarger could come in handy. What say, you, we go out on the town and swing, baby? Yeah! ...  Oh, hang on, these are Austin Powers quotes for the next para:

.... This para got deleted, sorry guys, some people aren't comfortable with advertising parties on the wobbly web. If only enough people read this blog to worry about it!!! Anyways, for those of you in the know... There is an Austin Power's party happening somewhere, just pray you are invited or you just won't ever know about it! Suffer baby!

Also, don't forget that GoneAgain is doing the Sheffield to Latrobe mountain bike ride next SUNDAY, 10 Feb. Meet with bicycles at Well's carpark in Latrobe at 10am. Should be a nice day. Bring some lunch/snacks along. <CLICK HERE> for more info or check the Facebook event <HERE>

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February 4, 2013

Hobart Red Dress Run

Hobart Full Moon HHH present to you:
Paint the Town Red Red Dress Charity Run
Saturday 23 March 1pm for a 1:30 start

$25 per Hasher from the  Brunswick Hotel Beer Garden
Everyone gets a badge, enjoy a BBQ, Drink Stop and Band afterwards.
Hares: C*nt Stop & Chris Miss
RED DRESS Mandatory!!!

PS Don't forget Cheese's run tonight, Monday night, from the Ulverstone Cricket Club!

PPS Sunday February 10 the Sheffield to Latrobe backward Tassie Trail ride with GoneAgain. Meeting 10am at Well's carpark in Latrobe where we'll sort out the bike transport to Sheffield. Ride is 95% downhill to Syke's Sanctuary for a muesli bar, and on to Railton for a picnic lunch. Then a 5-10km moderate climb, followed by some potential trespassing... More info <here>.
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