May 31, 2011

Mable misses Dint's run

Mable going to Hash... Original photo by

The cool pack assembled at Koff's and Dint's in an icy East Devonport. GoneAgain wearing barefoot runners and no light was brave to expose himself to the elements with his cough. When Mable failed to show up the pack left.

Walkers got to the second master check where Dint's secret message was to be read. It said something to the effect; 'Why should I bother setting a walkers trail if you c#nts always ignore it... So no special walking trail, and take this as your ON HOME you b#stards'  ... The runners did 7+ kms and didn't succumb to frostbite.

The fare waiting for us was again banquetulous, and there appears to be a gourmet trend in Hash happening. Too many unspeakable dishes to name, and only a few takers for the a la carte deserts. I just want some bangers and mash for the next run. Expired and unpalatable chocolates in the rigged raffle complemented by some Cairns souvenirs and riveting CDs.

Maybe Black Tracka will find us some pizzas and beer for next week's run. Meeting at the Glistening Erection at 630pm! Gloves might be of the order.

Dint's pussy...

May 27, 2011

Fanny's Feast

Was there a run? Probably. But all I really remember is the food.

GoneAgain may have set a good run, but Fanny May certainly put on a feast. Complete 12 course degustation menu ending with home made Apple Crumble and ice cream we spend the majority of the time stuffing our faces. This Hash was a Take it Off and Put it On type deal where we may have burned a few calories gallivanting around the new SurfClub and the Naked Erection, but we sure stacked the calories back on to make up for it. Hang on, was that a flash-back of GA's run? Anyways, not important. We had Dutch licorice, Australian Port, home made Pumpkin Soup, Chorizo nibbles with Bega Cheese, French bread sticks with King Island Butter,.... and despite the two days of kitchen labour it worked out at $1.17 per head miraculously.

Anyone like to match that? Dint is the first brave Hare to give it a go, thinking he can whip Koff (pictured above stressing about how she can possibly compete with this kind of catering) into a cooking frenzy, bare foot and pleading for mercy. Good luck guys. See you at Dint's Place, Church Street, East Devonport.


May 18, 2011

Haunted Run

The run started at Lantern's place. Lantern, pictured above, led all us non-believers to the Dead Center of Town; the cemetery situated practically at his doorstep. There we heard haunting rain and blowing wind sounds which mysteriously appeared out of a big box in the outdoor chapel where we had our first master check. Key hashers were assigned ancient kerosene lamps, complete with genies inside, and instructed under no circumstance to loose sight of each other.  The trail ran an eerie loop of the graveyard before disappearing in the zombie infested adjoining dark woods.

Many dark woods and cemeteries later, the walkers and runners, still carrying their dimly flickering lanterns (scaring residents), were guided in separate directions with the runners disappearing deep into the Don forest, and coming out at Sawdust bridge. At this point in time Guardy, who set the run, was already patrolling the streets with his hearse tolling the bell for people to bring out their dead. Several Hashers took this opportunity and were collected in this manner and redeposited back at the haunted and camouflaged Lantern HQ under the bridge over the highway.

Bald Eagle was keen to get his soul removed by my iPhone too

Lantern arranged splendid catering as per his usual standard, but this time he had contracted Guardy and his gas cooker to help to cook up an evil Goul-Hash. The pavlova for desert was most menacing, creeping into the digestive system of all present, including diabetics and slimmers.

The rigged raffle saw a nice country music cassette won by Crow (or at least he was the eventual recipient of it). Unfortunately Crow had forgotten how to use casettes in general and no matter how he tried he could not hear any music.

As pumpkin time approached the Hashers got into a fit of planking. Seen below is Dyke who was in the middle of doing some 'pelvic floor exercises' when Dini felt compelled to do an impromptu plank on his lap.

Next run at Fanny May's place; 10 James Street, Devonport.


PS Here is the run according to GoneAgain SCB - CLICK HERE

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May 14, 2011

And the winner is....

Feels on Wheels Feeling the Love as he won the grant prize in the rigged raffle.

The pack braved the cold air and headed off into the darkness. Danger loomed in the back-streets of 'the Stone' which must've frightened most walkers to Hash home early to help Dini with the Braai. Dini had arranged a feast of chicken and stuff, and Flasher was responsible for the grand tour of Ulverstone. Intrepid running Hashers negotiated the bridge works on the on-home risking life and limb, but all survived their ordeal. Cold down-downs and warm fires heated our souls. The Rigged raffle was rigged. And so we carry on....

Next run on Monday 16 May from Lantern’s place: Stoney Rise Road, Devonport (near Tugrah Road Junction, but not quite). Come as your favourite ghost or spirit. White sheets permitted.

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Flasher's Grand Tour of the Stone - click on map for all gory details...

May 9, 2011


When:  16th May 6.30pm for 6.45ish start.


Where: Lantern’s place Stoney Rise Road, Devonport (near Tugrah Road Junction, but not quite)


Optional: Ghost attire. (Note: Crow, just come as you usually are!)

May 2, 2011

Dyke's Bouncing Checks

It was a pint-sized pack for a perfect night, and the trail had more checks than a fat man's kilt. Every little two bob street between William Street and Steele Street had its little dollops of flour, carefully measured with a teaspoon, and every street corner had a check. The runners covered most of it, the sensible walkers mutinied in stages until only the geek pack of Tracka and Ringo were still out. Two beers later they were still out, so Guardy went to their rescue, while the rest went to devour the tucker at Dyke's cottage. Guest lip for the circle was Knackers, who after being thrown in at the deep end proved he could talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles. So scarred is he by the experience he says he won't come back until August. Downs for the hare and the cook, and a few sprinkled around for minor misdemeanours like colour coordinated socks. Mabel told something he thought was a joke, twice, just in case it got funnier the second time, which it didn't. Not a goldfish in sight. Lantern won the major raffle prize, a 1969 Birds of Australia tea towel, while others got the junky prizes like wine, chocolates, porn and DVD players.
Next week's run is being set by Dini from Otto's Grotto, Ulverstone.
On On Dini
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Do bring a torch

Soff's run reminded all of us that torches, and perhaps life-vests, are handy items to have on winter runs. Perhaps Soff was hoping to put one of us through a hip replacement too, or whatever his motivation; The run he set nicely skirted high water tide across wet and slimy rocks. Trees and other obstacles were strategically placed on trail. To top it all off he had two concurrent circle checks where Hashers split up in two teams and both waited for each other to arrive before calling 'on'. The awkward stalemate was resolved when both parties gave up yelling. ... After many a down down all was forgiven, and the food was just splendid, and perhaps reminiscent of High Tide.

Next run from the Devonport Pool carpark, on the Edge of the dark Don Reserve where Dyke is arranging the trail. OnOn at Dyke's place at the foot of Kelcey Tier. Don't forget raffle money, and expect to win the last of the roadkill chocolate bunnies.


September 17th, Saturday — Devonport Hash’s le Tour de Pisse
October 15-16th—Burnie Hash’s Burnie Ten weekend
November 11th—combined Global Harriettes Day and LoonRhasH

Interhash 2012
: May 22-27th - Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Aussie Nash Hash: May 4-6th, 2013 - Bris-enburg,
Interhash 2014: July 2014 Brussels, Belgium - I’ve pledged!
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