May 14, 2011

And the winner is....

Feels on Wheels Feeling the Love as he won the grant prize in the rigged raffle.

The pack braved the cold air and headed off into the darkness. Danger loomed in the back-streets of 'the Stone' which must've frightened most walkers to Hash home early to help Dini with the Braai. Dini had arranged a feast of chicken and stuff, and Flasher was responsible for the grand tour of Ulverstone. Intrepid running Hashers negotiated the bridge works on the on-home risking life and limb, but all survived their ordeal. Cold down-downs and warm fires heated our souls. The Rigged raffle was rigged. And so we carry on....

Next run on Monday 16 May from Lantern’s place: Stoney Rise Road, Devonport (near Tugrah Road Junction, but not quite). Come as your favourite ghost or spirit. White sheets permitted.

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Flasher's Grand Tour of the Stone - click on map for all gory details...

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