May 27, 2011

Fanny's Feast

Was there a run? Probably. But all I really remember is the food.

GoneAgain may have set a good run, but Fanny May certainly put on a feast. Complete 12 course degustation menu ending with home made Apple Crumble and ice cream we spend the majority of the time stuffing our faces. This Hash was a Take it Off and Put it On type deal where we may have burned a few calories gallivanting around the new SurfClub and the Naked Erection, but we sure stacked the calories back on to make up for it. Hang on, was that a flash-back of GA's run? Anyways, not important. We had Dutch licorice, Australian Port, home made Pumpkin Soup, Chorizo nibbles with Bega Cheese, French bread sticks with King Island Butter,.... and despite the two days of kitchen labour it worked out at $1.17 per head miraculously.

Anyone like to match that? Dint is the first brave Hare to give it a go, thinking he can whip Koff (pictured above stressing about how she can possibly compete with this kind of catering) into a cooking frenzy, bare foot and pleading for mercy. Good luck guys. See you at Dint's Place, Church Street, East Devonport.


1 comment:

Walter said...

Nice pic of 'Koff smoking. Guess what, she quit that week!!

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