June 26, 2011

Up and cumming..

Straight from Burnie Trash:

  • June 26th, Monday 6.30pm- Next Devonport r*n will be set by Tracka from 98 Best Street Devonport, for a night of Ten Pin Bowling. Wear odd sox, bring $10, money for a fabulous raffle, BYO extra drinks if a p*sshead.
  • July 14th, Thursday -The Chardy Birthday Bash, Storming le Bastille
  • July 15th, Friday 6.30pm- LoonRhasH @ The Argosy, East Devonport.
  • July 23rd, Saturday 5pm-Bonfire @ Black Tracka's. Ever wanted to stuff a Guy and then burn him? Yeah, me too. Bangs with sparks guaranteed.
  • August 13th - Devonport HHH does Guildford, contact Black Tracka on 0419 442 220 for details.
  • August 14th, Sunday 6.30pm- LoonRhasH combined with Burnie H3
  • August 20th, 2pm-Launceston H3 1950th campout @ Myrtle Park, $50
  • September 12th, Monday 6.30pm- LoonRhasH combined with Devonport H3
  • September 17th, Saturday - Devonport Hash's le Tour de Pisse
  • October 15-16th- Burnie Hash's Burnie Ten weekend, roll on up to the greatest show on earth.
  • October 29-30th-H5 Oktoberfest @ Bruny Island (Date to be confirmed)
  • November 11th-combined Global Harriettes Day and LoonRhasH
  • Interhash 2012 May 22-27th, Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
  • Aussie Nash Hash Brisbane, May 4-6th, 2013
  • Interhash July 2014 Brussels, Belgium - I've pledged!
  • Burnie HHH upcumming events @ www.burniehhh.blogspot.com
  • Devonport HHH upcumming events @ www.dhash.com
  • LoonRhasH upcumming events @ www.lunarhash.blogspot.com
Don't forget that wherever you are, you can also get your very own ***HASH EMAIL ADDRESS*** with your Hash Name by emailing goneagain@dhash.com
It will only cost you a beer!

June 21, 2011

Bike Envy

Torrential rain preceded Hare Cheese's run, wiping any trace of whatever run he may or may not have set for us. Assuming he was jet-lagged and broke, probably not eaten anything decent for weeks (USA McDonalds and whatever they fed him on the plane), he probably hadn't set much of a trail at all. Besides there was bike viewing to be done!

The rain stopped, and we were quickly handed bits of paper, and off we went. Walkers walked to the 'place where we tell the time' (the Ulverstone Clock) and back again, runners went else-where. It was a miracle none of us got drenched and drowned as there were some serious squalls happening all around us. Qudos to the Hash Monk! Driving home at night revealed lots of debris on the road.

At the OnOn we had Shephards pie and nibblies compliments of Dini the caterer. We had to put up with the smell of Cheese's new bike, and momentarily listen to the finely tuned exhaust when peer pressure made Cheese turn the beast over. The rigged raffle was not rigged enough, I won no prizes, but all the bald, old, ugly bastards did!

Next 'run' is from Parallel Solutions (BlackTrakka's) and assuming it will rain we just need to make our way to the Tenpin Bowling facility down the road.

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Let it rain let it rain let it rain....

  Download this mp3 from Beemp3.com

June 17, 2011

WARNING: Cheese is back

Back from the US-of-A

That's right folks, our Cheese is back from the USA and is ready to share his newly gained wisdom with anyone who will show up for the run at his place coming Monday 20 June 2011.

BYO USA flag and be at his place in Amherst Street, The Stone.

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June 14, 2011

Crab's Gourmet

'Koff is realising that not smoking is stacking on the pounds...

Hash Grub has been scoring high these last few months. Fanny May set the bar very high and everyone is nervous. Captain Crab commanded his wife Juliet into action and as a team they had pre-run nibbles waiting for hungry Hashers. Flasher had set a long run to built up the appetites as only a dozen or so were braving the extreme temperatures and the piles of food Crab was preparing was not going to go to waste. Even the walkers were given a good 5k+ stretch - see RunKeeper's map (link may not work if you are not on Dini's StreetTeam) for Dini, Dyke and GA's walk.

On return we were greeted with foamy alcoholic drinks inspired by the recent Highland Fling. The best BBQ for donkeys, complete with onions, fresh wholemeal bread, and the works followed the cold foam. Coffee and Lamingtons for desert, Port, ice-cream,... In the mean time the mercury plummeted towards zero, Dini had to find more firewood in her car, and Otto's Grotto may well have been an igloo. Flasher was going rampant on the raffle, not stopping till everyone except the biggest losers had a prize.

Winter Solstice is June 21, which is the day after our next run at one of Dyke's domiciles (TBA). So expect even cooler temps as the days are still getting shorter. Bring skates and scarves and watch this space for geographic details.

Full Moon will be celebrated at Hare Puss in Boots' new home in Foot Street, Hadspen next Thursday 16 June 2011AD.


NB. Not only was the meat not burned, it truly was Crab's lucky day as he won the only other remaining copy of the garden book that he had already won  earlier (and subsequently lost) in a wrigged raffle in summer.

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June 9, 2011

Highland Fling this weekend!

That's right! Highland Fling this weekend. Hash Monks are putting in a combined effort to keep the weather out, so why not help them by doing a little rain dance right now.

Anyways, you may also like to know what transpired last Monday. Tracka was due to set a run, and we had all hoped for a cryptic piece of paper and no proper real trail, tons of pizza to help digest our beer and a happy Tracka,  but to our surprise Dyke showed up instead. He told us that Tinsel was struck with a bad case of lets just say  Tinselitis for now and needed hospitalisation!  The good man Tracka is gave Tinsel the time and care a Hasher of her caliber deserved and delegated the run out to Dyke.

A cold long run for the runners, and a merciful marathon for the walkers was what Dyke had in store for us. Tinsel was sick and we were not meant to be happy. After 7+ kilometers the smiles were frozen off our faces and once warmed up at Dyke's abode we dug into the dim-sims. What followed we can only presume was a sign of Dyke's allegiance to Democrat Wiener (who has recently been in the news because of photos of his wiener) inspired him to boil up some wieners for us. With a dash of home made rhubarb pickle, with a dash of chili, it did us well.

The beer was awesome, the raffle was wrigged and the prizes were palatable just like the wieners. OnOn Dyke for rescuing the situation and OnOn to Tracka for being a good husband and we all wish Tinsel a quick recovery and hope to see her come back to Hash soon.


Next Run from Otto's Grotto, expect burned buggers and a long run. Bring thermals and a smoke mask... BYO Liquor Licence.

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