June 14, 2011

Crab's Gourmet

'Koff is realising that not smoking is stacking on the pounds...

Hash Grub has been scoring high these last few months. Fanny May set the bar very high and everyone is nervous. Captain Crab commanded his wife Juliet into action and as a team they had pre-run nibbles waiting for hungry Hashers. Flasher had set a long run to built up the appetites as only a dozen or so were braving the extreme temperatures and the piles of food Crab was preparing was not going to go to waste. Even the walkers were given a good 5k+ stretch - see RunKeeper's map (link may not work if you are not on Dini's StreetTeam) for Dini, Dyke and GA's walk.

On return we were greeted with foamy alcoholic drinks inspired by the recent Highland Fling. The best BBQ for donkeys, complete with onions, fresh wholemeal bread, and the works followed the cold foam. Coffee and Lamingtons for desert, Port, ice-cream,... In the mean time the mercury plummeted towards zero, Dini had to find more firewood in her car, and Otto's Grotto may well have been an igloo. Flasher was going rampant on the raffle, not stopping till everyone except the biggest losers had a prize.

Winter Solstice is June 21, which is the day after our next run at one of Dyke's domiciles (TBA). So expect even cooler temps as the days are still getting shorter. Bring skates and scarves and watch this space for geographic details.

Full Moon will be celebrated at Hare Puss in Boots' new home in Foot Street, Hadspen next Thursday 16 June 2011AD.


NB. Not only was the meat not burned, it truly was Crab's lucky day as he won the only other remaining copy of the garden book that he had already won  earlier (and subsequently lost) in a wrigged raffle in summer.

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