July 31, 2009

Next Run

REMINDER: Next run by Thrust and Gone Again from 66 Turners Beach Road.

July 27, 2009

You call that Hash?

Trakka and Tinsel sure put on a show for us tonight. They made us make our way to the Bowling Alley without trail, expected us to behave competitively and then made us walk to their garage to eat soggy chips, sausage rolls and crispy chips all flushed down with alcohol and down downs. Vegetables I suppose were carefully hidden in the tomato sauce.

Look how serious we were! Strike after strike, flook after flook, but some of us weren't so lucky. GoneAgain had trouble keeping the ball out of the gutter till he ended with 2 strikes in a row to not finish last. Dyke scored the highest as he was really really trying hard, and paid for this in the usual fashion during the ensuing Circle.

Cheese batting for the wrong team:

Next run at the Ashmore Residence on 66 Turners Beach Road, Turners Beach (map).

July 23, 2009


Monday 27th July 2009


Latitude:              41 degrees 10 minutes 0 seconds south

Longitude:          146 degrees 21 minutes 0 seconds east


Address:              98 Best Street


Type of run:       F*ck the r*n – lets go bowling

July 21, 2009

Hawaii One-Oh on the Horizon

Hawaii One-Oh (Hawaii 1-0) will be swaying grass skirts before you know it, on Saturday 17 October to be precise! Details will be out soon. But coinciding with our very own Hawai 1-0 recovery will be the 18th of October Burnie 1-0. Early bird entry for the Skilled Burnie Ten is $25: Register <here>.

Tour de Pisse - Change of Venue

Important message from the Tour de Pisse-Heads:

Due to foreseen circumstances, this year’s Tour de Pisse will return to its spiritual home at the Oz Rock Inn. Same date Aug 15th, same time 2pm, Crow’s Place, Beach Road, Ulverstone.

The Boags tent will be erected nearby and will be available for those wishing to do accommodation on the cheap. Slightly more salubrious digs can be bought by contacting the caravan park next door.

On! On!

July 20, 2009

Dint's Dash for Hash

The Hash Monk arranged for the rain clouds to temporarily dissipate to allow for a rain-free run. Onya Ringo. Three platoons of walkers completed the course and a small contingent of runners ran the distance. As we were making the East Devonport streets un-safe, bare footed and scantily robed (no doubt) Koff was sweating in the kitchen over the chillies which formed the basis of her Spag-Bog. The circle was completed with the Wigged Waffle which included a bottle of Cow-Girl. Maggie collected all the worthwhile prizes because he must have paid Flasher handsomely - same as what the Poms did to the referees at the Ashes that were going on concurrently.
We learned the words to our own bloody hash song. Some of us hashers acted as if they had never seen them before!!
The new adornment to thePublish Post Burnie Hashshit, compliments of Dint, is very much appreciated by Dini who vowed to share it fairly amongst her fellow female Burnie tribe members.

Next week's run by Black Trakka... somewhere in the 7310 postcode.

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July 16, 2009

Girdlestone Park

Let it be known that our much revered Hash Run this Monday the 20th day of July, 2009 the year of our Lord, also refered to as 28 Tammuz, 5769 for those in the know, shall be held at Girdlestone Park. The event will be hosted by fellow members of our Devonport Hash clan, Dint and Koff! We request your presence at the usual time.

Lord GoneAgain----

Tour de Pisse '09

That's right boyz and girlz, on the horizon this great not2Bmisssed event:

GoneAgain via Dini via ...
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July 9, 2009

Emailing: killler%20superman.jpg

Who is this does he belong to Devonport?

Got something to say about NashHash?

If anyone has an interest in discussing Tassie NashHash issues, there is now a special blogsite where you can voice concerns or raise ideas. The blog is by invitation only, so in case you like to see http://nashhash.blogspot.com you will need to be invited by Grizly or GoneAgain, or click on the button there.

If you do not want to be involved but just want to enlighten us you can email to burniehhh DOT nashnews AT blogger.com and the members will see your email.

Now I do hope you slack b#$tard$ have registered: Click <here> to register for the Aussie NashHash 2011!

July 8, 2009

NEXT RUN 13/07/09

Guardsvan is setting our next run from Dell Luck Reserve (near Don River Railway).
The Hare suggests you bring with you warm clothes, a torch and your sense of humour and try not to lose any of these things on the run as they will all be needed at the On On.

On On
Bald Eagle

And from GA here is Bastard's run from last week... well, the walk as was coughed by GoneAgain:

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