July 27, 2009

You call that Hash?

Trakka and Tinsel sure put on a show for us tonight. They made us make our way to the Bowling Alley without trail, expected us to behave competitively and then made us walk to their garage to eat soggy chips, sausage rolls and crispy chips all flushed down with alcohol and down downs. Vegetables I suppose were carefully hidden in the tomato sauce.

Look how serious we were! Strike after strike, flook after flook, but some of us weren't so lucky. GoneAgain had trouble keeping the ball out of the gutter till he ended with 2 strikes in a row to not finish last. Dyke scored the highest as he was really really trying hard, and paid for this in the usual fashion during the ensuing Circle.

Cheese batting for the wrong team:

Next run at the Ashmore Residence on 66 Turners Beach Road, Turners Beach (map).

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