October 27, 2011

Wicked AGPU Cummin Up

HighBeam and Mullet set an exemplary and fully catered Hash from their lovely street in Hawley Beach. The run wound its way along the shore-front, and some of us took the beach route home. Runners and walkers all finished at about the same time and cheese and nibbles were awaiting us (take note Pizza guys!), followed by cold beer and ample hand plucked chicken with 1.1 fresh bread roll each. Some greedy bastards ate 5 rolls, so the host missed out on the scrumptious rolls and had to resort to an alternate source of bread - not happy Jan!

Almost 19 y/o virgin DipTits was named and promptly won an appropriate 4 hours of 50+ porn. She assumed 50+ episodes, or maybe 50+ scenes, but she'll surely look at us different next time and really some of us actually are 50+ and (may) have a remarkable resemblance to persons depicted in the video. She may even accuse her mum, HighBeam, of being 50+ after recognising some of the athletic antics from the 4hr flick.

In any case, a WICKED AGPU is coming up on 28 November. With a theme like WICKED we better get into the dollar shop now for Halloween and find something WICKED to wear. Wicked could be anything, from Austin Powers kind of wicked to Wicked the Musical; you define it you wear it. 

Next Run from Hiscutt Park, Penguin! OnOn...

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October 24, 2011

Tonight's Run at end of Taroona St


High Beam alerted us to the fact the run is held from the BBQ area at the end of Taroona Street, Hawley Beach. If it rains we'll be at 15 Taroona st.


October 23, 2011

Burnie Ten, the Greatest Slow for some

OK OK, nothing to do with Devonport Hash, hardly any of us were there... But here are the two momentous shots. Dini with one of her fabulous cakes:

GoneAgain pictured below, casually striding across the finish line of the Burnie Ten in a course record time of 22:20minutes. Not a bad effort for 10kms, especially considering this was before even the first runners made it back, and the press wasn't even there to take note. As long as we all know that Devonport Hash has a humble and non-competitive hasher with (very well) hidden talents.

Remember next r*n at 6.30pm Monday 24th October set by High Beam and Mullet from 23 Taroona Street, Hawley Beach.

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October 20, 2011

Stop press - pancakes

Fanny May is offering up her house for the on-on after the Saturday (2-4PM) adopt-a-highway scavenge and is threatening to make pancakes even on the side of the road if we refuse to go to her place. Just thought I'd warn Hashers intending to come that if you don't like meat/vege burgers and pancakes that you'd be up against Fanny May....

Awkward Orchids


Well, so much for Tracka's anticipated gentle stroll around the orchid reserve... the little pack was wantonly cast into a wasteland of ankle-snapping ditches, razor-edged tree stumps and soft tussocks which gave way to knee deep mud when trodden on. After this outburst of bastardry, trail returned to the gravel road and, for the wa*kers, followed a slurry of forestry tracks home. The r*nners dove off across the railway line into the never never, eventually returning none the worse for wear. A Bit of This and Dini enjoyed a stroll through the reserve whilst they waited for the r*nners, but there didn't seem to be too may orchids in flower. On back to Bells Parade for a lacadaisical circle 'cos no one could really be fecked. Rigged raffle had prizes enough for sixty, but not everyone won something. (lucky b*ggers) Tinsel won an out of the date condom which she thought was edible if only she could get the packet open. Flasher took the hub home again to remind him to give it to Mabel.
Next week's r*n 6.30pm Monday 24th October is being set by High Beam and Mullet from 23 Taroona Street, Hawley Beach.
On On
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Roadkill and Raffle Collection

Our Adopt-a-Highway date is 1:30PM (for 2PM start) this Saturday (22 October) everyone!!

We need you this Saturday at the Latrobe Caltex Service station on the highway  for a couple of hours. Rod from Volunteers Australia will be there with the AdoptaHighway van and he will equip us with the necessary safety equipment. Just bring a bottle of water, good shoes and a hat! Anything we find that may be suitable for the rigged raffle has to be passed on to Flasher, and roadkill goes to first finders.

Bitofthis and GoneAgain will bring the Barbie to help us recover with a snag and a refreshing ale after the grueling two hour event. There will also be an opportunity to grill any roadkill you may have found.


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October 11, 2011

Home by a Nose

Dint had a very small field of Hashers gallop around the racecourse on a dead track made of old mouldy minced up carpet and sodden brillo pads. Not happy with this level of torture he then sent us up the steep muddy tracks of Kelcey Tier in search of the Lizard. He then appeared on trail in a turd-coloured car so badly designed that there was no room in the boot to carry booze for a piss stop! Back at the On On he lit a fire so toxic we could not get near it for fear of birth defects, and when it burned down far enough to get close, he made it rain. It's a good thing Koff fed and entertained us so beautifully, or the night could have been a complete loss!
Next week's run Monday 17th at 6.30pm is being set by Black Tracka from Henry Somerset Reserve, with the On On back at Bells Parade, Latrobe.
And don't forget LoonRhasH this Wednesday 12th, 6.30ish at the Edgewater, East Devonport.
On On
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October 6, 2011

Dell Lucky


Bald Eagle set us a tortuous trail tiptoe-ing through the ti-tree tracks of Don Reserve. With twilight plummeting to a conclusion, we arrived back at Dell Luck to find a plethora of pizzas awaiting us, courtesy of culinary giant Mabel. After a very Cheesy circle and a very Flashy raffle it got dark and we all p*ssed off.
Next week's r*n is being set by Equestrian Entrepreneur Dint from the Spreyton Racecourse, Durkins Road, Spreyton. Monday October 10th, 6.30 pm.
And don't forget LoonRhasH at the Edgewater, East Devonport on Wednesday October 12th, 6.30ish pm.

On On Dini
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