October 11, 2011

Home by a Nose

Dint had a very small field of Hashers gallop around the racecourse on a dead track made of old mouldy minced up carpet and sodden brillo pads. Not happy with this level of torture he then sent us up the steep muddy tracks of Kelcey Tier in search of the Lizard. He then appeared on trail in a turd-coloured car so badly designed that there was no room in the boot to carry booze for a piss stop! Back at the On On he lit a fire so toxic we could not get near it for fear of birth defects, and when it burned down far enough to get close, he made it rain. It's a good thing Koff fed and entertained us so beautifully, or the night could have been a complete loss!
Next week's run Monday 17th at 6.30pm is being set by Black Tracka from Henry Somerset Reserve, with the On On back at Bells Parade, Latrobe.
And don't forget LoonRhasH this Wednesday 12th, 6.30ish at the Edgewater, East Devonport.
On On
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