October 27, 2011

Wicked AGPU Cummin Up

HighBeam and Mullet set an exemplary and fully catered Hash from their lovely street in Hawley Beach. The run wound its way along the shore-front, and some of us took the beach route home. Runners and walkers all finished at about the same time and cheese and nibbles were awaiting us (take note Pizza guys!), followed by cold beer and ample hand plucked chicken with 1.1 fresh bread roll each. Some greedy bastards ate 5 rolls, so the host missed out on the scrumptious rolls and had to resort to an alternate source of bread - not happy Jan!

Almost 19 y/o virgin DipTits was named and promptly won an appropriate 4 hours of 50+ porn. She assumed 50+ episodes, or maybe 50+ scenes, but she'll surely look at us different next time and really some of us actually are 50+ and (may) have a remarkable resemblance to persons depicted in the video. She may even accuse her mum, HighBeam, of being 50+ after recognising some of the athletic antics from the 4hr flick.

In any case, a WICKED AGPU is coming up on 28 November. With a theme like WICKED we better get into the dollar shop now for Halloween and find something WICKED to wear. Wicked could be anything, from Austin Powers kind of wicked to Wicked the Musical; you define it you wear it. 

Next Run from Hiscutt Park, Penguin! OnOn...

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