November 8, 2011

Pubic Holiday

Maggie has the jump on public holiday hashes for some obscure historic reason; maybe retired people aren't allowed to cook BBQ sausauges on a working day. Judging from that wicked smile, Maggie knew precisely what was in the sausage that Eagle was about to consume. Luckily Eagle has a cast iron constitution (no reflection of course on Nest's cooking) and he lived long enough to win nothing in the raffle, which is always a bonus and good for one's health.
There were gnats biting, and they made Cheese grumpy as he didn't have any repellant. He made some excuse about needing to go home to supervise his daughter but we all know it's the other way around. Pioneer rightly refused to let him get away with it and made hime sit in the corner until she'd finished her ante-penultimate lippery. Maggie's cat supervised proceedings from the top of a tree, the epitomal snapping pussy as Crab's dog barked threateningly below, a couple of metres short of effecting any real menace.
A very pleasant jaunt around the scenic territory of Turners Beach and the very best in traditional hash tucker and sips.
Next week's run MOnday November 14th is from Killer's place, 10 William Street Forth. Wear party clothes.
Don't forget the combined LoonR Hash and Global Harriettes R*n from Hiscutt Park Penguin this Friday Nov 11th, 6.30pm.
On! On! Dini
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STOP PRESS: Hi everyone, Please note the following change of venue. Nominated hare Killer has been double booked as he is such a popular guy :) This week's Devonport R*n Monday Nov 14th at 6.30 is now being set by Flasher from 118 Upper Maud Street Ulverstone. You can still wear party clothes if you like... it's still someone's birthday. On! On! Dini

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Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the title of this post is "Pubic Holiday". Is that like when you take a day off from shaving your genitalia? LOL

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