November 24, 2011

Patrolling the Don with Dyke

Ready to be WICKED next week...

Hare Dyke still has altitude sickness it seems. Not only did he not have Parmesan cheese at the gourmet OnOn, he also didn’t give us a contiguous trail to run. This of course may or may not have anything to do with the down-down given to Crow for purposely coverig up flour trail in the Don Woods.

The sizeable pack made the Don Woods seemingly insecure to the odd members of the public who saw us patrolling randomly in small groups going in various direction. We reassembled dazed and confused back at the Pool where we had started. Our monk had kept the drizzle at bay, and so still dry we jumped into our vehicles and joined the procession to Dykes place.

Wonderful prizes were hidden in Flasher’s bag, but none came out. Some poor man’s porn with underage images was flogged off in exchange for bits of coloured paper with numbers. It wasn’t even rigged. This can only mean one thing: Flasher is saving himself for the WICKED Annual General Pissup at Fanny May’s house at 10 James Street, Devonport. Dress WICKEDLY, and we will traverse Devonport in style. Remember it is mostly daylight now, so the peeping public may catch a glimpse, so make it extra bizarre, ahum, extra WICKED!

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