May 25, 2012

65 Roses Run

No run report for last week's run, but I trust a good time was had by all as no news is good news.

Next Monday's (28 May) run is a Sixtyfive Roses run from Fanny May's abode at 10 James St. at 530pm. Bring something warm as it is Cooool out there and you wouldn't want to catch CF now would you.


PS GoneAgain will have some CF merchandise available in return for donations to the Tasmanian CF Association. Bring your piggy bank!

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May 14, 2012

As the Crow Flew

It was a colourful crowd which warmed up on Crow's Glue/Wine before heading out on trail.  Trail was uneventful until it vanished in the alleyways of the school.  The r*nners were not perturbed by this but the walkers totally went to pieces and spent an eternity walking in circles before giving up and finding flour on the footpath.  Thrust took a tumble somewhere in the darkness, parting with plenty of skin, and the new Hasher she'd brought along thought he was supposed to do the same and ran away in fright. The only thing which brought him back was the smell of Crow's food.  Cheese ran a tidy circle, imaginatively awarding the Hub to Crow because he hadn't worn it this week. The raffle was kind to most people, except poor Ringo who won the out-of-the-date laxatives.  Thrust's newbie took home the porn, and will probably return as a result.  Soff wore cranial protection in case he stopped thinking naughty thoughts and his head imploded.  I wonder what he's thinking about in this picture, children...

Next week's r*n, Monday May 21st at 6.30pm, will be set by Eagle from the East Devonport Yacht Club.

On! On! to Borobudur
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May 12, 2012

HHH Adopted Highway

Adopt a Highway Day:-  The day was a little dreary but very kind to Gardy & Fanny May who took on the formidable task of finding Roadside raffle prizes & fresh road kill, the latter making Gardy's day.

The conservation member (yes it was male), Jamie, very kindly assisted Gardy & FM, FM being very wary of a Conservationist who couldn't distinguish between a Mushroom or a Toadstool!!!! He was elated to find that the edible (without the high) kind were in fact growing on his property, mmhmm!!!!

Boring Boring!!!!!!!!

Mine, Mine, Fresh Possum, 
Mother's Day Lunch, yummo!!!

Ah, yes Gardy was elated to have his boring day transformed, On On Gardy.


May 10, 2012

AdoptaHighway is On

This Saturday, roadworks or not, the word from Volunteers Australia is that it is happening! Be there at 2pm, bring an esky for a refreshing drink afterwards.

And it gets better, there is Work in Progress on our road sign!!

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May 9, 2012

Flour Saved for Muffins

It was a challenging trail to follow, with darkness, rain, and Dutch generosity of flour hampering attempts to find the Hare's chosen path.  We all made it around and back, but with a scant few finding all there was to find.  Dint's circle ran smoothly until someone mentioned the Burnie AGPU, and he was forced to confess he had dressed up for it on the wrong day.  Superheroes are never late... 
Crow was awarded the Hub, but said he's already got one.  PB downed for feeding us delicious beans, therefore affecting global gas prices.  Flasher's raffle was the usual travesty of valuable artefacts, notably Lantern winning 6 hours of babysitting, and Cheese can now keep his weenie warm in a beautiful twistie-coloured cosy. The evening rounded out with port and lovely muffins.  Dint and Dini played Poxy's organ without any protection, beating out everyone's favourites "Amazing Glace" and "Kneeler My Dog To Thee".
Next week's r*n is from The Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road Ulverstone.
On! On!  Dini
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May 6, 2012

Up and Cummin - May 2012

We need you next Saturday (12 May) at the Latrobe Caltex Service station on the highway  for a couple of hours.  Volunteers Australia will be there with the AdoptaHighway van and they will equip us with the necessary safety equipment. Just bring a bottle of water, good shoes and a hat! Anything we find that may be suitable for the rigged raffle has to be passed on to Flasher, and roadkill goes to first finders.

GoneAgain is gone again but do not let that be a slack excuse! We'd hate the Volunteer Australia crew come from Launy for nothing! They may no longer let us adopt our piece of highway. Good stretches of road are hard to come by these days.

Also, other up and cummings borrowed from Burnie trash:

  • May 7th, Monday 6.30pm  Next Devonport r*n will be set by Poxy from Eugene Street, Devonport. 
  • May 18 The Great Hash Migration, Mombasa, Kenya 
  • May 22 Interhash Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. 
  • June 8-10th Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Loch Pedder. Places are limited. If you intend going, please email Captain Condom (, A steal even for a Scot, at $90 Payment by direct deposit is available. 
  • July 13-22nd Hedo II H3 Campout at the Hedonism II Resort, Negril, Jamaica. gigJamaica. Check out this tempting gig——the link is 
  • July 28th Launceston LH3 2000th R*n. Lots of Beer and a Really Big Fire. See attached Flyer. .. Aussie 4Aussie Nash Hash Brisbane, 
  • 25-27 July 2014 Brussels, Belgium Think about it… Seriously!

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May 4, 2012


Not to forget someone who was pissed, goddam I mean PEGGED!!!!!

May 1, 2012

LH3 2000th

Tracker’s Run from the old High Tide was good by all accounts, taking in all the regional sights. A barrel of laughs at the OnOn at Tinsel’s Palace up the hill. Fire roaring, snags burned, bitch fights and all. The bitch with the skeleton legs was called fat and the bird with the sock on its head and pegs on its face was called skinny. I guess women just want to be average. I personally hate being average looking! Anyways, next week’s run from Poxy and PBs at 3 Eugene Street, Devonport.


And here is the main feature for today:


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