May 9, 2012

Flour Saved for Muffins

It was a challenging trail to follow, with darkness, rain, and Dutch generosity of flour hampering attempts to find the Hare's chosen path.  We all made it around and back, but with a scant few finding all there was to find.  Dint's circle ran smoothly until someone mentioned the Burnie AGPU, and he was forced to confess he had dressed up for it on the wrong day.  Superheroes are never late... 
Crow was awarded the Hub, but said he's already got one.  PB downed for feeding us delicious beans, therefore affecting global gas prices.  Flasher's raffle was the usual travesty of valuable artefacts, notably Lantern winning 6 hours of babysitting, and Cheese can now keep his weenie warm in a beautiful twistie-coloured cosy. The evening rounded out with port and lovely muffins.  Dint and Dini played Poxy's organ without any protection, beating out everyone's favourites "Amazing Glace" and "Kneeler My Dog To Thee".
Next week's r*n is from The Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road Ulverstone.
On! On!  Dini
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