May 12, 2012

HHH Adopted Highway

Adopt a Highway Day:-  The day was a little dreary but very kind to Gardy & Fanny May who took on the formidable task of finding Roadside raffle prizes & fresh road kill, the latter making Gardy's day.

The conservation member (yes it was male), Jamie, very kindly assisted Gardy & FM, FM being very wary of a Conservationist who couldn't distinguish between a Mushroom or a Toadstool!!!! He was elated to find that the edible (without the high) kind were in fact growing on his property, mmhmm!!!!

Boring Boring!!!!!!!!

Mine, Mine, Fresh Possum, 
Mother's Day Lunch, yummo!!!

Ah, yes Gardy was elated to have his boring day transformed, On On Gardy.


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