May 24, 2014

Highland Fling 2014

Och, 'tis only a few weeks until we get to air out our kilts (and the wee bits 'neath).
We know that a Highland Fling weekend is priceless, but we've put a price on it anyway!  The cost for the main part of the weekend is $90, which covers two runs and on ons, shared accommodation (Saturday night), two course meal, breakfast, badge and special Fling gift.  Even though this represents a bargain, you're a canny Chardonnay hasher and qualify for a discount, meaning that you only need pay $75! (Or $55 if you are camping.)
We need to have all the registration fees in before the Fling, so ask that you settle up with the Hash Cashiers over the next couple of weeks.
IMPORTANT BIT: if you are intending to stay at the hotel on Friday night or Sunday night, we need to know as soon as possible.  The cost, per night, is $25 per person.  We will need to release the unused rooms back to the hotel shortly, so please let Growler or Pole Dancer know this week if you want an extra night or two.
What you need to bring:
- kilt
- drinking vessel of choice
- singing voice
- dancing shoes
- plenty of warm clothing (it WILL snow*)
- money for drinks (Saturday night)
- food for any time before the trail on Saturday and after Sunday's on on
What you don't need to bring:
- bed linen
Please contact us by return email or get hold of us on Thursday night if you have any questions (answers may vary, depending on level of intoxication).
On-y on!
Chris Miss and Grizzly
* non-core promise

May 22, 2014

Upcuming Hash

When: Monday 26th May at 6.45pm

Where: Maggie’s Place, 1 Crosby St., Turners Beach

Bring: Yourself, a torch and $15.


Run Report from last Monday.


The goodly pack assembled at Furner’s Car Park at Ulverrock. There pack split into walkers, runners and Crow.


Hare Flasher decided to take us “Roundabout” and through the “Tunnels of Love”. (Actually tunnels of noise as Dint unceremoniously polluted the orifices with the Hash Horn)


The walkers encountered to HHH at the first tunnel and the runners at the second. The runner’s pack became worried sick when they lost crow en “root”. We were relieved to find him when we returned.


Maggie did his usual trick and decided we should avoid a 1000mm   incline on the way home and decided to run an extra 200 metres as this would save on energy expended.


Don’t know why as we consumed 1000s of calories at the On On at The Great Pizza Feast at The Red Grasshopper.


Thanks Flasher for a good run and on-on.



May 17, 2014


TIME:          6.30pm

MEET:         Car Park behind Furners Inn Hotel, Ulverstone


RETRACTION:  As previously posted Fanny May WILL NOT  be resurrecting the beloved wrigged raffle.  Apparently she was the only adoring fan.  Flasher will be conducting the LAST wrigged raffle so be there get your tickets & bid farewell to THE WRIGGED RAFFLE, RIP :(

Fanny May

May 15, 2014

Infiltrating the Academy

Quality and not quantity is an apt description for the pack that assembled at Hiscutt Park. (with the exception of eight!)

Trail dispersed in two direction from the starting check. Dint decided to ignore the trail and went off on his own jaunt and found a close-by Master Check. But the rest of the pack ignored his call and kept on the trails(s). Long false uphill trails were a “Barsted” but after some time Dint decided to join the rest of the pack and then we were back to a “Smog Pack”. That is, until we got back to a trail diversion for the walkers.

Maggiethoras interpreted “W” to mean “(R)unners”. He felt all alone and lost. Anyway we all eventually finished got back to where we started. 

We were joined by Flasher at the On-On at Pioneer and B’sted’s Stew and Chicken Drumsticks with lashings of mashed potatoes. (Yummy!) 

Down Downs were administered to all and sundry for very good reasons (?) Doodle-doo had a farewell down pre-embarking on a stint at the Police Academy. A good time was had by all. Thanks to Bastard, Pioneer and Doddle-doo.

Flasher confirmed next week’s run is starting from car-park behind Furners Hotel inn Ulverstone.

On On !

PS Fanny May advises that if she can get a lift to Flasher's run she will resurrect the beloved wrigged raffle - so bring a few coins if you'd like to receive a fabulous prize, ha! And also,.... FM's daughter will be undercover for Hash at the Police Academy to make sure Cockadoodledee will be on best behaviour and will report back for us!

May 9, 2014

Starlit Stunts in the Stone

From: Malcolm Murray 
Date: 7 May 2014 20:27
Subject: Run Report

About 15 hashers enjoyed a starlit stunt around the streets of ‘stone. Master Checks were spaced to indicate the fitness of Hare Crow. 3 ½ runners took on the task of following the baby h’s. Actually one runner took on that task and the others followed.

The walkers as usual made their own rules. Only the dogged FC and Tracka completed the flour phenomena ... even if they had difficulty finding the HHH. After a long wait for Tracka and FC the On-On proceeded. Soup preceded a main course of “Crow’s Customary Concoctions”. Lip Foggy put in his usual theatrical performance before his departure next week to somewhere more Chille. In her absence The Hub remained in the custody of Bed Pan.

The news of the night was that Dint now claims to have a good foot and Maggie exposed his algebraic knowledge by quoting Pythagoras (a2 + b2) = c2. All we wanted to know was the shortest way home from the HHH!!!

Thanks Crow for a great night.

Receding Hare-line:
12/05 B’stard from Hiscutt Park, Penguin (near The Windmill)
19/05 Flasher from T/B/A (been there before)
26/5 Maggie from Turners Beach

Applications are now being received for potential hosts for June Runs. No experience necessary! 


May 4, 2014

Burnie Hash cummin to town

Mothers Day 11th May 2014.

Burnie Hash this Sunday meets at the church of St Urang in Hamilton St. Latrobe 3.30 pm. On-on at Trakka's house in Tarleton Rd. Bring a plate of food to share and the usual wrigged wraffle money; a  joke and a friend.

Contacts: Rob "Ringo" Munden 0417118661 or Caroline " A Bit of This" Waterhouse  0428592420.

May 2, 2014

FC & Ere's Scurrah Street Run, Monday 28th April

Had a nice Hash run at Scurrah Street and it was nice to be able to host it with Jules who as usual tried to do too much (she is reasonably well at present).
The burgers seemed to fill the void and it was good to catch up with old & new hash friends.
Must organise a pilgrimage to Broken Hill Hash sometime!

From all accounts everyone had a fabulous night

for crowing out loud

Thrust got summoned to the mainland to attend to urgent family matters and can't set the run.

Next run now set from Crow's place in Ulverstone's OzRock cafe.

No run report from last week's run at FC but never to late for anyone to crow about it.


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