May 22, 2014

Upcuming Hash

When: Monday 26th May at 6.45pm

Where: Maggie’s Place, 1 Crosby St., Turners Beach

Bring: Yourself, a torch and $15.


Run Report from last Monday.


The goodly pack assembled at Furner’s Car Park at Ulverrock. There pack split into walkers, runners and Crow.


Hare Flasher decided to take us “Roundabout” and through the “Tunnels of Love”. (Actually tunnels of noise as Dint unceremoniously polluted the orifices with the Hash Horn)


The walkers encountered to HHH at the first tunnel and the runners at the second. The runner’s pack became worried sick when they lost crow en “root”. We were relieved to find him when we returned.


Maggie did his usual trick and decided we should avoid a 1000mm   incline on the way home and decided to run an extra 200 metres as this would save on energy expended.


Don’t know why as we consumed 1000s of calories at the On On at The Great Pizza Feast at The Red Grasshopper.


Thanks Flasher for a good run and on-on.



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