May 24, 2014

Highland Fling 2014

Och, 'tis only a few weeks until we get to air out our kilts (and the wee bits 'neath).
We know that a Highland Fling weekend is priceless, but we've put a price on it anyway!  The cost for the main part of the weekend is $90, which covers two runs and on ons, shared accommodation (Saturday night), two course meal, breakfast, badge and special Fling gift.  Even though this represents a bargain, you're a canny Chardonnay hasher and qualify for a discount, meaning that you only need pay $75! (Or $55 if you are camping.)
We need to have all the registration fees in before the Fling, so ask that you settle up with the Hash Cashiers over the next couple of weeks.
IMPORTANT BIT: if you are intending to stay at the hotel on Friday night or Sunday night, we need to know as soon as possible.  The cost, per night, is $25 per person.  We will need to release the unused rooms back to the hotel shortly, so please let Growler or Pole Dancer know this week if you want an extra night or two.
What you need to bring:
- kilt
- drinking vessel of choice
- singing voice
- dancing shoes
- plenty of warm clothing (it WILL snow*)
- money for drinks (Saturday night)
- food for any time before the trail on Saturday and after Sunday's on on
What you don't need to bring:
- bed linen
Please contact us by return email or get hold of us on Thursday night if you have any questions (answers may vary, depending on level of intoxication).
On-y on!
Chris Miss and Grizzly
* non-core promise

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