November 24, 2011

Patrolling the Don with Dyke

Ready to be WICKED next week...

Hare Dyke still has altitude sickness it seems. Not only did he not have Parmesan cheese at the gourmet OnOn, he also didn’t give us a contiguous trail to run. This of course may or may not have anything to do with the down-down given to Crow for purposely coverig up flour trail in the Don Woods.

The sizeable pack made the Don Woods seemingly insecure to the odd members of the public who saw us patrolling randomly in small groups going in various direction. We reassembled dazed and confused back at the Pool where we had started. Our monk had kept the drizzle at bay, and so still dry we jumped into our vehicles and joined the procession to Dykes place.

Wonderful prizes were hidden in Flasher’s bag, but none came out. Some poor man’s porn with underage images was flogged off in exchange for bits of coloured paper with numbers. It wasn’t even rigged. This can only mean one thing: Flasher is saving himself for the WICKED Annual General Pissup at Fanny May’s house at 10 James Street, Devonport. Dress WICKEDLY, and we will traverse Devonport in style. Remember it is mostly daylight now, so the peeping public may catch a glimpse, so make it extra bizarre, ahum, extra WICKED!

November 17, 2011

Birthday Part-ay


A fine night saw a decent sized pack set off into the golden dusk. Rather than follow trail they were directed by notes handed out by Trailmaster Dyke. Himself recently returned from Nepal and now an altitude junkie, it was inevitable that we should meet with Dyke for our piss stop on the highest point above Ulverstone at the end of Upper Maud Street. Crab was excited to see a van there, assuming it would be serving free soup. Crow thought it might be the van which comes to pick him up when his bike breaks down. Highbeam was hoping for icecream cones and dagwoods, while Dini was already dreaming of a tasty espresso. But the van had none of these services to offer. It contained birthday boy Killer looking younger than ever, and the boot was stocked with gourmet treats and proper popping fizz i.e. more than $4.95 a dozen, Flash...
Next stop was Cheese's house in Amherst Street, and it was Thrust who went for the altitude this time, checking out Cheese's new glassed-in dick. Very fetching. Last stop was the waterfront, and the walkers were poured into the van for the return trip home.
After a meal of footlongs, Pioneer trounced the sinners with a drink and a good scolding. Somewhere along the way she was pantsed and given the hub, but the graphic details have been obliterated from the scribe's mind to protect the innocent. Birthday cake for Killer on half a century, and Dini for a couple more. Rigged raffle redistributed some treasures, and returned Cheese's ugly little garden ornament to its rightful place in obscurity.
Next week's r*n Monday November 21st at 6.30pm is from the Devonport Swimming Pool, and afterwards at Dyke's place, 2/64 Tugrah Road, Devonport.
On! On!
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November 8, 2011

Pubic Holiday

Maggie has the jump on public holiday hashes for some obscure historic reason; maybe retired people aren't allowed to cook BBQ sausauges on a working day. Judging from that wicked smile, Maggie knew precisely what was in the sausage that Eagle was about to consume. Luckily Eagle has a cast iron constitution (no reflection of course on Nest's cooking) and he lived long enough to win nothing in the raffle, which is always a bonus and good for one's health.
There were gnats biting, and they made Cheese grumpy as he didn't have any repellant. He made some excuse about needing to go home to supervise his daughter but we all know it's the other way around. Pioneer rightly refused to let him get away with it and made hime sit in the corner until she'd finished her ante-penultimate lippery. Maggie's cat supervised proceedings from the top of a tree, the epitomal snapping pussy as Crab's dog barked threateningly below, a couple of metres short of effecting any real menace.
A very pleasant jaunt around the scenic territory of Turners Beach and the very best in traditional hash tucker and sips.
Next week's run MOnday November 14th is from Killer's place, 10 William Street Forth. Wear party clothes.
Don't forget the combined LoonR Hash and Global Harriettes R*n from Hiscutt Park Penguin this Friday Nov 11th, 6.30pm.
On! On! Dini
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STOP PRESS: Hi everyone, Please note the following change of venue. Nominated hare Killer has been double booked as he is such a popular guy :) This week's Devonport R*n Monday Nov 14th at 6.30 is now being set by Flasher from 118 Upper Maud Street Ulverstone. You can still wear party clothes if you like... it's still someone's birthday. On! On! Dini

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