September 29, 2015

Run 1789 from the House of Cheeze

There were 16 hashers gathered for a combined DH3 and Lunah Hash and Brownlow Medal count  at Cheez's gated front gate in front of his palatial palace, eager to head for parts unknown - but were waiting for the late Maggie's Uber 4x4 containing the Trailmaster, and of course Crow.

When the On On was called, the pack found that Cheeze had set trail around and about, up and down, around and about again, and more up and down the surrounds of West Ulverstone. At least the pack only went down the zig zag steps and were able to talk to the cocky at the bottom.

Back at Cheeze's palatial palace (we were allowed inside this time) he served up traditional fare of hot dogs and really hot pies.

Dint did the lip because he did not do it last week.
Downs were awarded to -
  • Cheeze - for a top run and top food,
  • GV - 1313 runs,
  • Lantern - 650 runs which he handballed to Maggie as Lantern now has a no alcohol policy,
  • Maggie - 414 runs,
  • TT - 400 runs,
  • Foghorn - for missing countless runs and welcome back from South America,
  • Tracka - it would be his birthday the next day,
  • Pioneer - it would be her birthday the day after the next day,
  • Maggie - was heard to comment "I'm sick of leading the runners" and he stopped right there.
The raffles were won and won and Soff got the cider, Foghorn got the red, and GV got the beer.

Dint organised the sweep for the Brownlow and found enough willing participants to sell all 20 tickets.  Bastard was the winner in drawing Nat Fyfe. Some Hashers actually watched the TV all the time.

Sometime during the early part of the evening, Cheeze's new sex partner Yasmin arrived and promptly found the Bean and really small shot glasses for everyone to have 2 rounds - very nice - the Bean that is. And Yasmin is too - she will get a Hash name if she is still friends with Cheeze next week. Cheeze's dogs Gracie and Ruby seemed to be a little put out for their owners lack of affection towards them now he has other interests.

The Hub is still missing - believed to be somewhere in Asia.

And then the rain came down, and down, and down as everyone was leaving.

Next weeks run will be set by Tracka from Bells Parade, Latrobe.
The run after that will be set by Soff from 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach,
And the run after that will be set by GV TBA,
And the run after that will be set by Crow TBA but probably from the Ozz Rock Inn.

On On


September 22, 2015

Run 1788 from Isandula Heights and Forest Eco Centre

And so it was that exactly 14 hashers met at Ratchet's and Knicker's Forest Eco Centre for a run/walk though the surrounding forest, following copious amounts of flour leading this way and that, up and down and around and about, and back across Isandula Road so most were confused but when all saw the lights of the Eco Centre - all were relieved.  Tracka and TT arrived slightly late - even later than when the Trail Master called On On 6 minutes after 6.45.

Once back at the Eco Centre, after a little while, Ratchet dragged himself away from the BBQ and presented sausages and rissoles, while Knickers brought out soup, rolls, coleslaw, and for sweets there was rubarb/apple and apple crumble. Pretty good really.

Bastard did the lip and we know why. Downs  were incurred by -

. Tracka - made a comment about 1788 and Captain Cook arriving in that year,
. Knickers - for great food - Crow and Lantern and Tracka must have missed lunch,
. Crow - 818 reversible,
. Dint - 1010,
. OD - 21,  I bet she wish's she was,
. TT - 399 - practice,
. Ratchet - magnificent run,
. Dint - geographically challenged,
. Soff - biggest loser again. I remember saying before the finals they would go down 2 zip.

The Hub was missing again - we are wondering if we will ever see it again?

Raffles were won and won and Cheeze, GV and Soff won won.

While all this was happening, Cheeze brushed past GV and GV's chair collapsed under him - bit of a push rather than a shove. All of a sudden, there was GV flat out on his back on the concrete not moving at all.  After some moments, GV bounded up off the floor to the cheers of the surrounding Hashers that all was well - and it was, fortunately. The broken plastic chair has been given to Dint to put on the next fire in his backyard firepit.

When arriving at the Eco Centre, it was noticed that Ratchet's motor cycle was parked down in the paddock with a blue tarp over it. It seems that local gossip has it that he had to move it out of the garage so that we could be there - what about that big shed he has down the back? Cheeze would not do that!

Next weeks run will be from the muli-story palace of Cheeze at 33 Amhurst St, West Ulverstone. And it will be in conjunction with LunaH Hash which means the Burnie BH3 might be there. It is also the AFL Brownlow Medal count and those that are not interested in that can leave early- by special permission. I guess there will also be a $2 in sweep.

The Drunken Walkers won't be walking anywhere, but if they get thirsty, it will be somewhere in Ulverstone.

Have not heard of any Hashers having run in's with Wallabies or Wombats on the way home - there were plenty of them about. And Crow is pissed off about answering his phone in his Uber vehicle a couple of days ago.

On On


September 19, 2015

Highland Fling and LunaR Hash

LoonRhash on 28th September will be combined with DH3's infamous "Brownlow Medal" night r*n. Cheeze will host the evening from his house 33 Amherst St. Ulverstone at 6.30 pm. Others who are allergic to "Brownlows" and Football may leave early!!!

And Stop Press Read all about it.... The Chardonnay Highland Fling is on again. If you wish to attend the you need to pay up ASAP to the Hash Cash, Lone Arranger.

Saturday night accommodation is included in the registration fee, it is an extra $25 per night for those wishing to stay Friday or Sunday night payable to the Hash Cash. Please let Lone Arranger know if you are staying extra nights when you register Lone Arranger can be contacted on 0429346266 or email

See you there.

September 15, 2015

Off to Isandula next Monday!

Run 1787 from Roberts Rural Supplies near the western end of Victoria Bridge

And so a motly pack of about 15 give or take approximatly  hashers braved the potential rain and gathered at Roberts. The Uber Crowmobile was early for a change and were worried that they may be it. But, in the true tradition of Hashing, more arrived just in time.

The trail went every which way, nearly over the bridge, then back past the Waterfront food place and somewhere between there and the Horsehead Creek boat ramp, the trail was lost (for some) and I was one of the ones. Don't know where the rest went but it was heard that there was a HHH on an entry/exit road to the expressway. Anyway it did not rain during the run but while waiting for those that walked the runners trail we were subjected to a lightning and thunder show. Pretty impressive.

Back at the On On at Dint's and Koff's place,  Koff put on a feast of little dogs and party pies, followed by patties and rolls with lots of salads, and finishing of with Sarah Lee lemon slices and icecream.

Dint did the Lippery and most of the downs were -

  • .Dint - for calling the wrong Run Number,
  • .Koff - for being the cook,
  • .Eagle - for 1410 runs,
  • .Maggie - for 412 runs,
  • .Pioneer - for 412 runs,
  • .Cheeze, Crow, Koff and Soff - for being the biggest losers,
  • .Dint - for missing Cheeze's 540 run,
  • Cheeze - for 540 runs,
  • Synco - for being here. Bedpan was in Qld and he had nothing else to do!,
  • Flasher - because UFO forgot to renew her passport before leaving for Thailand - had to spend a couple of days in Melbourne to get a new one while Flasher went ahead - catching up on old flames?
  • Thrust - for leaving the keys to her car with  another hasher so that we could leave the empties,

Meanwhile, TT, Tracka, Eweturn, GA, GV (welcome back)  , and a couple of other hashers  who stayed even further out of range,  just stayed out of Dint's range.

The rain and thunder came back a few times but Dint's fire braved the elements.

The raffles were won and won. GA, Soff and Cheeze won the beer, cider and wine.

While all this was happening, the Spirit of Tasmania went past, and a sparkling light show from Din't temporary light show started sparking because part of it got wet.

And at the same time that all everything else was happening, Crow was seen to be enjoying a combination sweet of icecream, cake and cheese slices - the only problem he forgot to take off the plastic wrapping off the cheese - wanker!

Next weeks run will be set by Ratchet and Knickers from 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler, turn right at the end of the bitumen.

The run after that will be the Brownlow Medal count run from somewhere?

And the Drunken walkers did not get a mention.



September 8, 2015

Tracka's Snail Trail

Snail Trail by Tracka

Run 1786 From the Coles Beach Multipurpose toilet block.

Because it was a so so night, only about 12 or so hashers ventured to the vicinity of the multipurpose toilets at Coles Beach - perhaps they were unsure of how multipurpose they were and kept their distance. The Crow Uber vehicle made its appearance just in time - again. Apparently, Crow was relaying pavers in his restaurant courtyard after having to dig a big trench to replace some damaged pipes from his Chests and Breasts singular purpose toilets.

Tracka set a trail around and about, up the river and under the rail bridge, and down the stairs (lots of them) but everyone had to get up the hill first. Some hashers arrived back at the multipurpose toilets early (perhaps just to check them out and cheated on the hill) while others ventured nearly to King Neptune before deciding enough was enough. Crows Uber vehicle picked up a couple of distressed hashers while heading to the Bluff picnic area for the On On - they were distressed because they were distressed.

Once all (nearly all) hashers had made their way to the picnic area - Tracka magically produced a multitude of boxes of pizza's. When all had had their fill, Bastard did the Lip (it was his turn) and most of the downs I remembered were -

. Tracka - for the great run/walk/amble/shortcut,
. TT for the catering - well someone had to go and get the pizza's, and lamingtons for later,
. Eweturn - 45 runs,
. Maggie and Bastard - for the wooden spooooon,
. Tracka - apparently he went to a Launceston Hash run last week and got lost, but he did get there,
. Crow - for not getting lost and heading home early - reflected back to Dint for a crap nomination,
. Tracka - because there was a spare down left. It was Tracka's night!!

The raffles were won and won and just about everyone won won - even Cheeze.

Next weeks run will start from Roberts Ltd carpark on the western end of the bridge over the Mersey, just down the road from the Ferry cross the Mersey,  and the On On back at Dint's, 14 Church St, East Devonport. We hope Koff will be out and about and able to provide her normal excellent dishes, otherwise it could be Dint's well done sausages.

The Drunken walkers will stumble from some hotel on Thursday night.

Another peaceful run without that pathetic piece of plastic that pretends to be a horn. But then, I and Bastard short cut and maybe missed out on something.

On On


Pizza at the Bluff

September 1, 2015

Run 1785 from Sulphur Creek and surrounds.

And so 13 or so Hashers travelled to the outer metropolitis of Sulphur  Creek and a little bit of Heybridge. Bastards trail went back the way most had come, then headed towards the ocean, a sneaky little pathway to a back street, (I didn't know there were any back streets in Sulphur Creek), and apparently to the point where the free campers go, and back to where everyone started, just near the waybridge. But on the way back to the start, hashers could hear the plaintiff cries of multitudes of Penguins along the shoreline -  must be breeding time.

As it it was so cold, hashers did not hang around and moved quickly on to Bastards place. So quickly in fact that Ringer could not keep up in his mobile home (otherwise known as Supersals sex palace), and was 1/2 hour late in arriving - blaming poor directions ie turn left at the top of the hill - which hill?

Anyway Pioneer put up a feast of stew, snags, mash, peas and carrots and chicken thighs  All good!

The Lip was conducted by Dint (it was his turn) and downs were awarded to -

. Bastard - for a top run,
. Pioneer - for she's a good cook,
. Overdose -  for 20 runs,
. Eweturn - for 44 runs,
. Maggie May - for 410 runs,
. Bastard - for 1050 runs,
. Tracka - for 1260 runs.

Other downs were awarded to Cheeze and Maggie for being competative, something to do with Crow suggesting to Maggie that he could beat Cheeze home. Poxie became the biggest loser and Ringer for not following directions.

Dint got a down for being a bastard - he pulled Bastards chair from under him last week. And now Dint is calling who's the bastard who stole my horn - and it wasn't Bastard.   Karma comes around!   Dint also got another one for not noticing that Ringer wore the Hub.

The raffles were won and won - all 3 of them. Crow won the wine, Overdose won the beer and Pioneer had to be content with the cider.

Next weeks run will be set by Tracka from the Coles Beach car park, adjacent to the multipurpose toilets. With the On On being there or just nearby if it is inclement.

The Drunken Walkers will be staggering from the Lighthouse Hotel when everyone is ready.

On On


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