September 1, 2015

Run 1785 from Sulphur Creek and surrounds.

And so 13 or so Hashers travelled to the outer metropolitis of Sulphur  Creek and a little bit of Heybridge. Bastards trail went back the way most had come, then headed towards the ocean, a sneaky little pathway to a back street, (I didn't know there were any back streets in Sulphur Creek), and apparently to the point where the free campers go, and back to where everyone started, just near the waybridge. But on the way back to the start, hashers could hear the plaintiff cries of multitudes of Penguins along the shoreline -  must be breeding time.

As it it was so cold, hashers did not hang around and moved quickly on to Bastards place. So quickly in fact that Ringer could not keep up in his mobile home (otherwise known as Supersals sex palace), and was 1/2 hour late in arriving - blaming poor directions ie turn left at the top of the hill - which hill?

Anyway Pioneer put up a feast of stew, snags, mash, peas and carrots and chicken thighs  All good!

The Lip was conducted by Dint (it was his turn) and downs were awarded to -

. Bastard - for a top run,
. Pioneer - for she's a good cook,
. Overdose -  for 20 runs,
. Eweturn - for 44 runs,
. Maggie May - for 410 runs,
. Bastard - for 1050 runs,
. Tracka - for 1260 runs.

Other downs were awarded to Cheeze and Maggie for being competative, something to do with Crow suggesting to Maggie that he could beat Cheeze home. Poxie became the biggest loser and Ringer for not following directions.

Dint got a down for being a bastard - he pulled Bastards chair from under him last week. And now Dint is calling who's the bastard who stole my horn - and it wasn't Bastard.   Karma comes around!   Dint also got another one for not noticing that Ringer wore the Hub.

The raffles were won and won - all 3 of them. Crow won the wine, Overdose won the beer and Pioneer had to be content with the cider.

Next weeks run will be set by Tracka from the Coles Beach car park, adjacent to the multipurpose toilets. With the On On being there or just nearby if it is inclement.

The Drunken Walkers will be staggering from the Lighthouse Hotel when everyone is ready.

On On


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