September 29, 2015

Run 1789 from the House of Cheeze

There were 16 hashers gathered for a combined DH3 and Lunah Hash and Brownlow Medal count  at Cheez's gated front gate in front of his palatial palace, eager to head for parts unknown - but were waiting for the late Maggie's Uber 4x4 containing the Trailmaster, and of course Crow.

When the On On was called, the pack found that Cheeze had set trail around and about, up and down, around and about again, and more up and down the surrounds of West Ulverstone. At least the pack only went down the zig zag steps and were able to talk to the cocky at the bottom.

Back at Cheeze's palatial palace (we were allowed inside this time) he served up traditional fare of hot dogs and really hot pies.

Dint did the lip because he did not do it last week.
Downs were awarded to -
  • Cheeze - for a top run and top food,
  • GV - 1313 runs,
  • Lantern - 650 runs which he handballed to Maggie as Lantern now has a no alcohol policy,
  • Maggie - 414 runs,
  • TT - 400 runs,
  • Foghorn - for missing countless runs and welcome back from South America,
  • Tracka - it would be his birthday the next day,
  • Pioneer - it would be her birthday the day after the next day,
  • Maggie - was heard to comment "I'm sick of leading the runners" and he stopped right there.
The raffles were won and won and Soff got the cider, Foghorn got the red, and GV got the beer.

Dint organised the sweep for the Brownlow and found enough willing participants to sell all 20 tickets.  Bastard was the winner in drawing Nat Fyfe. Some Hashers actually watched the TV all the time.

Sometime during the early part of the evening, Cheeze's new sex partner Yasmin arrived and promptly found the Bean and really small shot glasses for everyone to have 2 rounds - very nice - the Bean that is. And Yasmin is too - she will get a Hash name if she is still friends with Cheeze next week. Cheeze's dogs Gracie and Ruby seemed to be a little put out for their owners lack of affection towards them now he has other interests.

The Hub is still missing - believed to be somewhere in Asia.

And then the rain came down, and down, and down as everyone was leaving.

Next weeks run will be set by Tracka from Bells Parade, Latrobe.
The run after that will be set by Soff from 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach,
And the run after that will be set by GV TBA,
And the run after that will be set by Crow TBA but probably from the Ozz Rock Inn.

On On


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