September 8, 2015

Tracka's Snail Trail

Snail Trail by Tracka

Run 1786 From the Coles Beach Multipurpose toilet block.

Because it was a so so night, only about 12 or so hashers ventured to the vicinity of the multipurpose toilets at Coles Beach - perhaps they were unsure of how multipurpose they were and kept their distance. The Crow Uber vehicle made its appearance just in time - again. Apparently, Crow was relaying pavers in his restaurant courtyard after having to dig a big trench to replace some damaged pipes from his Chests and Breasts singular purpose toilets.

Tracka set a trail around and about, up the river and under the rail bridge, and down the stairs (lots of them) but everyone had to get up the hill first. Some hashers arrived back at the multipurpose toilets early (perhaps just to check them out and cheated on the hill) while others ventured nearly to King Neptune before deciding enough was enough. Crows Uber vehicle picked up a couple of distressed hashers while heading to the Bluff picnic area for the On On - they were distressed because they were distressed.

Once all (nearly all) hashers had made their way to the picnic area - Tracka magically produced a multitude of boxes of pizza's. When all had had their fill, Bastard did the Lip (it was his turn) and most of the downs I remembered were -

. Tracka - for the great run/walk/amble/shortcut,
. TT for the catering - well someone had to go and get the pizza's, and lamingtons for later,
. Eweturn - 45 runs,
. Maggie and Bastard - for the wooden spooooon,
. Tracka - apparently he went to a Launceston Hash run last week and got lost, but he did get there,
. Crow - for not getting lost and heading home early - reflected back to Dint for a crap nomination,
. Tracka - because there was a spare down left. It was Tracka's night!!

The raffles were won and won and just about everyone won won - even Cheeze.

Next weeks run will start from Roberts Ltd carpark on the western end of the bridge over the Mersey, just down the road from the Ferry cross the Mersey,  and the On On back at Dint's, 14 Church St, East Devonport. We hope Koff will be out and about and able to provide her normal excellent dishes, otherwise it could be Dint's well done sausages.

The Drunken walkers will stumble from some hotel on Thursday night.

Another peaceful run without that pathetic piece of plastic that pretends to be a horn. But then, I and Bastard short cut and maybe missed out on something.

On On


Pizza at the Bluff

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