April 30, 2013

Run Monday 6th May

When: 6.30ish 6/5/13
Where: From Soffs Place at 40 Esplanade Turners Beach
On On: To be confirmed.

Fourteen desperate hashers braved the chills of winter with an 8km run from Braddon’s Lookout into and around the village of Leith. For the walkers it was all downhill as Guardy picked up the pack and returned them. The runners were subjected to the run home – all uphill. The on-on was at Guardy’s and was highlighted by some very tasty soup. Banana and walnut cake helped some linger until about 11.30 while emptying a couple of casks of port.

April 24, 2013


When:                  Monday 29th April
Where:                 Braddons Lookout, FORTH
What:                   Usual easy run and walk. Walkers will be shuttled back to start from somewhere on trail

On On at Guardsvan’s place: 103 William St, Forth.
If any special dietary requirements please advise G.V. at mmurray@tassie.net.au or phone 0417398235



April 21, 2013

We need you!

Come and sign your life away at The Oz Rock Inn where Crow needs YOU! Usual time, 630pm Monday 22 April.

April 12, 2013

The First Dark Knight

Devonport Hash had it's first Dark Night of the winter. Foghorn set the run from the Waterfront carpark and had a nouveau drink arranged at a mates place. Foghorn's catering could almost be smelled wofting over the Tiers, but still the count at the OnOn up Foggy's hill was four under par. Foghorn is now needlessly worried about his BO and his Chronic Halitosis...

Anyways, Trakker and Tinsel Twat are going to do their utmost best to lure us into their Den on Tarleton Road after setting a Latrobe run starting from the Cherry Shed. Meet at 630pm, on Monday nite 15 April 2013.
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April 7, 2013

High Time for the Waterfront

After our enlightening April Fool's Easter run at FM/GA's we will have our first dark run from the Waterfront Function Centre, aka Hightide Restaurant. No minigolf, no no, you will run hard and come back in the dark to find your way to Foghorn's place on the hill for the OnON.

Run report for the Easter Run, well... The destination of MollyMalone's was blatantly advised to the pack and so the walkers took the most direct route to our favourite pub where the friendly management offered beer in return for Easter Eggs and a $2 coin. Thank you Mollies. Unfortunately this was plan B, as the actual trail stopped at the Gateway where the staff were willing to swap a $2 coin and chocolate egg for 2 beers and happy hour snacks. Well, everyone got fooled and went to Mollies!

FM had plenty of tucker for all, and still made extra sangers to be on the safe side. We watched the fire bucket burn its wheel off, down downs for undeserving Hashers, a rigged raffle was mis-conducted, Hub handed out,... and everyone left with full tummies, an ear full of abuse, a belly full of grog and matching smiles.

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