April 26, 2010

Loanes anyone?

The Housewarming at Phae Wray's and Urang went well, even though the house was far from done. Ringo and GoneAgain did the entire walking trail, a bunch of runners ran the Burnie style trail in record time and all the other walkers short-cutted to make sure they got back first.

GoneAgain is still getting used to the taste of beer.... breastmilk was sooo much better!

Also, the sound of 'housewarming' must have reeked of mortgages and so the virgin Hasher came along with a financial surname (Loane). She shall now be known as FannieMae, or perhaps it is intended to be FannyMay (pictured in white top above).

Up 'n Cummin...

3 May: Dint - Mersey Yacht Club - OnOn at Koff's place at 14 Church St, East Devonport
10 May: Tracker - Bells Parade in Latrobe
17 May: Eagle - TBA
24 May: ShoveIt - TBA
31 May: Mable - TBA

If you think you know where TBA is for any of the above feel free to email the details to trash AT dhash.com
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April 24, 2010

Hashers Housewarming!

Next Monday, 26/10/10, we run from Urang and Phay Wray's TLC project at 16 Lyons Avenue, Devonport. This could possibly become the new Hash HQ for DHash. They better finish it before Thrust's London Double Decker Hash project gets a chance...

Last Monday's run was another successful Cheese run from Ulverstone, with cunning running and walking routes that ended up back at Cheese's residence where Dini had cooked a feast for us.

The rigged raffle was rigged so that Flasher the rigged raffler won the best prize; a mega cheese platter from  Lactos. This prize was rigged intentionally to reward him for running a very successful raffle for GoneAgain's Cystic Fibrosis fund-raiser (which raised $700 for CF Tasmania and $700 towards www.coughing4cf.com). If you missed the fund-raiser go HERE to see what you miss.

PS And after winning the basket of cheeses Flasher uncontrollably ripped into the basket and continued raffling off the contents. That Hasher is out of control!

April 15, 2010


That is right, you heard it here first; Cheese's place (19/4/10) in Amherst Street, The Stone. Dini is involved in the organising so beware.

Other dates to note, recycled from Burnie Trash:
April 28th—Wednesday—LoonRhasH—Black Tracka @ Sheffield
May 28th, Friday—LoonRhasH—Crow @ Ulverstone
May 29th —Burnie’s HHH Black Magic AGPU @ Knickers and
June 12th —Chardonnay Highland Fling @ Great Lake
June 26th, Saturday—LoonRhasH—A Bit of This @ Shearwater
July 2-4th—World Interhash, Kuching, Borneo
July 26th, Monday—LoonRhasH—Devonport Hares
August14th— Waratah Wild West
September 4th— Devonport’s Tour de Pisse
10.10. 2010 (Sunday)—Global Harriettes R*n
October 16-17th—Burnie Hash Burnie Ten Weekend
February 25-27th, 2011—Aussie Nash Hash, Hobart
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April 11, 2010

Rigged Raffle in Action

The OzRock Inn was turned into a bit of Ireland with Hashers running the show. Flasher and GoneAgain were busy accepting door entry and raffle money while Killer and others were still piling up donations for the raffle/auction to be held. Thrust at the bar serving wine and Guinness and Crow and 1080 behind the scenes preparing the gourmets.

The night got underway with Sean Roch the Western Australian Irishman from Cork belting out ballads till Flasher almost pushed him out of the way to start the rigged raffle. After Flasher's raffle started Sean barely got a chance to sing any more as the raffle went off big time! New potential Hariette recruit Rea, who herself had canvassed business for donation (!), was excitingly winning items and spontaneously auctioning them off again. Some of the loot was auctioned off very successfully.In the end almost everyone left with fabulous prizes, ranging from $5 MacDonald Vouchers to $100 Anvers baskets, and even two 30+ year old ports and a fur stola. $1400 was raised on the night, of which $700 went straight into the CF Tasmania coffers via the www.everydayhero.com.au/walter website. Whoever missed out on coming can still donate, but it is too late to win goodies!

Between the Irish Fun(d)raiser and Flasher's HOFT we sure had a good weekend's entertainment! More on the HOFT later no doubt.

Monday's Run at House Thrust, 66 Turners Beach Road!

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April 6, 2010

Sean Roche and O'Neill in town

Sean Roche from Western Australia flew into Devonport this afternoon. His mate O'Neill from Port Sorell was there to share a Guinness with him at Mollies. As they grabbed a guitar and a Guinness they started rehearsing for Friday night's entertainment at the OzRock Inn. He told me that anybody who has any inclination to play an instrument, sing or embarrass themselves in any way is more than welcome to help him have fun. All talents will be given an unfair go. Hashers be warned!

And while I got your attention. Update on the HOFT for sunday: Meet at 9am at Ulverstone MacDonald car-park or 930am at the Big Apple in Spreyton for carpooling, rest remains.

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April 5, 2010

Plenty of dates to go around...

Cheese proud as punch with his raffle won T-shirt, and already got one date biting: Guardy I never knew you cared! 

Just back from the Isandula Sanatorium where we survived the magic forests doused with mushrooms that would surely have medicinal purposes. All the little torches nicely lit up the trail of slow and fast, lost and found, sane and certified hashers. The bon-fire without marshmallows marked the R and W point from where we all managed to find our way back into the safe haven of the Sanotorium.

Ample food and ample down downs, Cheese was the target for today, the raffle went off without so much of a rig worthy of mentioning, the hub went home with Poxy again despite efforts to lure it lure it into Burnie Hash and Feels on Wheels developed a drinking problem; throwing glasses around all night...

NEXT EVENTS on the horizon are:

  • Friday 9 April 630pm: Irish Fun-raiser at the Crow's OzRock Inn: GoneAgain is holding a CF Fun-raiser with Irish food and live Irish entertainment with the well known Sean Roche from W.A. $50 including food, wine and entertainment. Reserve a table by emailing funraiser@coughing4cf.com or calling the Crow or 1080 on 6425 1120. Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to CF Tasmania and the other 50% to the Mount Kinabalu expedition. Auction items or raffle/door prizes are still accepted if you can support the event or the expedition. More info: www.coughing4cf.com and www.everydayhero.com.au/walter
  • Sunday 11 April: Car HOFT with Flasher. No chance of getting lost or anything unexpected. Meet at 9am at Ulverstone MacDonald car-park or 930am at the Big Apple in Spreyton for carpooling, and then via a convoluted way you will find your way to the Mole Creek pub for beers and perhaps dinner. Poker-dot pants optional.
  • Monday 12 April: Hash at House Thrust: 66 Turners Beach Road, Turners Beach. Avoid losing your nuts by not driving on the lawn as Thrust values her nuts. GoneAgain is setting trail. Bring torch and good sense of humour.

GoneAgain becomes a hero....

April 1, 2010

Hot and Cross at Isandula

This Easter Monday's r*n will be set by Ratchet from 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler. Ratchet will return home on Sunday from a "relaxing" 3 week holiday with Knickers, and can't wait to get out of the house to set trail for us. Bring the usual, $10 and your raffle money, odd sox, extra drinks for the p*ssheads, and any leftover chocolate (but only the good stuff, no Chickenfeed crap).

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