April 26, 2010

Loanes anyone?

The Housewarming at Phae Wray's and Urang went well, even though the house was far from done. Ringo and GoneAgain did the entire walking trail, a bunch of runners ran the Burnie style trail in record time and all the other walkers short-cutted to make sure they got back first.

GoneAgain is still getting used to the taste of beer.... breastmilk was sooo much better!

Also, the sound of 'housewarming' must have reeked of mortgages and so the virgin Hasher came along with a financial surname (Loane). She shall now be known as FannieMae, or perhaps it is intended to be FannyMay (pictured in white top above).

Up 'n Cummin...

3 May: Dint - Mersey Yacht Club - OnOn at Koff's place at 14 Church St, East Devonport
10 May: Tracker - Bells Parade in Latrobe
17 May: Eagle - TBA
24 May: ShoveIt - TBA
31 May: Mable - TBA

If you think you know where TBA is for any of the above feel free to email the details to trash AT dhash.com
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