April 24, 2010

Hashers Housewarming!

Next Monday, 26/10/10, we run from Urang and Phay Wray's TLC project at 16 Lyons Avenue, Devonport. This could possibly become the new Hash HQ for DHash. They better finish it before Thrust's London Double Decker Hash project gets a chance...

Last Monday's run was another successful Cheese run from Ulverstone, with cunning running and walking routes that ended up back at Cheese's residence where Dini had cooked a feast for us.

The rigged raffle was rigged so that Flasher the rigged raffler won the best prize; a mega cheese platter from  Lactos. This prize was rigged intentionally to reward him for running a very successful raffle for GoneAgain's Cystic Fibrosis fund-raiser (which raised $700 for CF Tasmania and $700 towards www.coughing4cf.com). If you missed the fund-raiser go HERE to see what you miss.

PS And after winning the basket of cheeses Flasher uncontrollably ripped into the basket and continued raffling off the contents. That Hasher is out of control!

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