April 7, 2013

High Time for the Waterfront

After our enlightening April Fool's Easter run at FM/GA's we will have our first dark run from the Waterfront Function Centre, aka Hightide Restaurant. No minigolf, no no, you will run hard and come back in the dark to find your way to Foghorn's place on the hill for the OnON.

Run report for the Easter Run, well... The destination of MollyMalone's was blatantly advised to the pack and so the walkers took the most direct route to our favourite pub where the friendly management offered beer in return for Easter Eggs and a $2 coin. Thank you Mollies. Unfortunately this was plan B, as the actual trail stopped at the Gateway where the staff were willing to swap a $2 coin and chocolate egg for 2 beers and happy hour snacks. Well, everyone got fooled and went to Mollies!

FM had plenty of tucker for all, and still made extra sangers to be on the safe side. We watched the fire bucket burn its wheel off, down downs for undeserving Hashers, a rigged raffle was mis-conducted, Hub handed out,... and everyone left with full tummies, an ear full of abuse, a belly full of grog and matching smiles.

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