March 28, 2013

April Fools Easter Run

We all survived Dint's Smith & Others Road Run, even Thrust managed to find the cars back eventually (not thanks to us looking for her, beeping horns and shining car lights into the dark forest). Calendar Girl's self-cleaning coat was put the test with lots of mud, and Fanny May represented the Harriettes for the evening. 'Koff was devastated her meat had pulverised due to us coming in a little late, Takka's raffle went off with a slight hitch, prized prices were burned with plastic cups and all, and we all got our fair share of carcinogenic smoke and brain conditioning (by killing the weakest brain cells).

Full moon Hash was run from Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone on Wednesday without so much as a moon.

April Fool's run is from Fanny May's at 10 James Street on April 1. Be prepared to get wet on the run - nude or in swim-gear ideal but umbrellas and raincoats will do. Easter eggs will be supplied.

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