March 4, 2013

TripleTop's BaldOnTop run

You may have already heard, but you may not have donated yet... our very own Triple Top is shaving her head for Leukaemia next Sunday! And the day after (Monday 11 March), with barely a stubble on top she will set a run for us from her home opposite the Sheffield Tourist Centre loos on Pioneer Crescent.

Now kindly make a handsome donation so that TripleTop feels encouraged to shave all the extra bits of fluff: <donate now>.

But really you came to this fabulous website to read the run report on Dyke's Mega Run. Well, I showed up 10 minutes late with my pocket dog Calendar Girl and had a hard time keeping up with the runners. I ran about 12kms through Kelcey Tier and surrounding district and never caught up with the pack. On returning to the OnOn I found a sizeable pack digging into the grub. Grub was good and drinks well deserved for all brave Hashers who gave it a go.  I got a down down for getting lost....

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