March 19, 2013

Smith and Others

Another nice Kelcey Tier run, this time set by Lantern and his army. Ample food afterwards, enough to feed us all twice and Cheese's dog for 24-48 hours also. GoneAgain made sure he took no short cuts and arrived half an hour after everyone else. A worried FannyMay filled a bucket with food for GA so he wouldn't miss out on the grub. When GA arrived FM, not Cheese, went "Wherdafaark've you been, I've been worried SICK!".

Next run is our last Daylight Saving run, set by Dint in the plantation pines at Smith and Others Road, 11 minutes down the Bass Highway past the hospital roundabout if you drive like Dint or 9 minutes at the speed-limit according to Google Maps.

PS Check this Kelcey Tier Map out [click]

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