June 1, 2014

Next Week's Run No.1720

When:                  Monday 2nd June @ 1845ish
Where:                 Roberts Car Park, Formby Road. (Just under bridge)
Bring:                    $15 plus torch and sense of humour
Hare:                     Trakka
On On:                  At Tinsel’s Place

Run 1719 was a Fitter and Turner affair.... or maybe that should read Un-fitter at Turners Beach affair. Maggie set a great dough trail within the nooks and crannies of this much sought after location. Again a dismal performance by the walkers who in unison decided to short-cut their trail. But the brave runners battled the elements of rain, hail and sleet to complete their assigned task.

Maggie hosted the on-on at his future beachside residence. Nutritious and tasty tucka was consumed by the pack. What a superb cook. Maggie wouldn’t say who the chef was!

On ya Maggie!!

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