June 3, 2014

Run 1721

When:                  Monday 9th  June @ 1845ish

Where:                 David St, East Devonport (‘tween Torqay Rd & John St)

Bring:                    $15 plus torch and sense of humour

Hare:                     Bald Eagle

On On:                  Eagles Nest Restaurant.


Run 1720 was well attended with the pack of 14ish pounding the pavement to the first Master Check at Horsehead Creek. From here things took a turn (for the worse) as we went up Dale and down Hill over terrain a caterpillar tractor could not traverse. Of course some of the wankers short cut the meticulously set trail, but as usual the running pack showed dedication (and stupidity) and followed trail right back to the finish. The pack(s) then headed to Tinsel’s for Hot Tomato Soup

(I mean hot!) followed by Big Dogs, Little Dogs and Calender.


A good night was had by all. Thanks be to you Trackka and Tinsel.


On On!




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