June 11, 2014

Run No 1722



When:                  Monday 16th  June @ 1845 ish

Where:                 Mersey Yacht Club, East Devonport

Bring:                    $15 plus torch

Hare:                     Dint

On On:                  Koff’s Place



Run 1721 was Eagley anticipated by the assembled hashers of a baker’s dozen. The streets of Badlands were roamed by the pack with local mayor Dint giving us the low down of where and how to go. Boner left the pack for a few minutes at an unknown building. He came out shouting “it’s a boy, it’s boy!!”. He’s not going back there again! Maggie was his usual “make your own rules” self as he called a Master Check because he was stuffed and the rest of the pack was “hashing” elsewhere..  The “on home” for the walkers was identified with FOH which must be some nautical term which us non-nautical types didn’t understand. The running pack of 4 continued for what seemed to be of mammoth proportions. (We didn’t see any mother moths!) Eventually we arrived “home” at 2000 bells.


We shared Eagle’s Vices in his man cave and Nest served up  sumptuous tucka that was followed by a convivial lippery. (how do you spell that?)  Crow was complaining of a crook back and not to be outdone Dint had a crook gut.


Thank you Eagle and Nest.


On On!



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