June 17, 2014

Run 1723

When:                  Monday 23rd  June @ 1845 ish

Where:                 103 William St., Forth

Bring:                    $15 plus torch

Hare:                     Guardsvan

On On:                  Sure thing!

Run 1722

Fourteen hair-brained hashers gathered at The Mersey Yacht Club in their endeavour to out-wit Hare Dint. What a task! Anyway off we went to explore where the Boganvilliers grow. It was too dark to see any but we were sure they were  there.
We struck more falsies than the Gay Mardi Gras as the trail weaved through the Boganville fitness track. Here we found where the walkers were to head home and the runners dispersed in all directions, except Crow. The pace was on as we tried to keep up with Thrust, except Crow. A circuitous route through the Boganvilliers found the HHH, except Crow. It was all down-hill on the way home. The pack split as a two-some forged ahead and the remainder followed. Except Crow.
Great run (and walk) Dint! Enjoyed by all, except Crow.

The On-On at Koff’s Kitchen was a five course degustation menu. We were all dis-gustated! Sorry Koff, I have told an untruth. It was great tucka!

Once upon a time when hash was hash we used to have sausages and cardboard hamburgers with a slice of dry bread. On special occasions we would have tomato sauce..... and then along came Koff. The rest is (nearly) history.

Thank you Dint and Koff.


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