May 14, 2012

As the Crow Flew

It was a colourful crowd which warmed up on Crow's Glue/Wine before heading out on trail.  Trail was uneventful until it vanished in the alleyways of the school.  The r*nners were not perturbed by this but the walkers totally went to pieces and spent an eternity walking in circles before giving up and finding flour on the footpath.  Thrust took a tumble somewhere in the darkness, parting with plenty of skin, and the new Hasher she'd brought along thought he was supposed to do the same and ran away in fright. The only thing which brought him back was the smell of Crow's food.  Cheese ran a tidy circle, imaginatively awarding the Hub to Crow because he hadn't worn it this week. The raffle was kind to most people, except poor Ringo who won the out-of-the-date laxatives.  Thrust's newbie took home the porn, and will probably return as a result.  Soff wore cranial protection in case he stopped thinking naughty thoughts and his head imploded.  I wonder what he's thinking about in this picture, children...

Next week's r*n, Monday May 21st at 6.30pm, will be set by Eagle from the East Devonport Yacht Club.

On! On! to Borobudur
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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for those hashers concerned that I had to wear protective headwear to the last 2 hash runs. I found the near new 1960's bicycle leather helmet in our garage and thought it just the thing to wear to hash to keep my head warm. I might just have to keep wearing it as I got a haircut today from the lovely Linda (Crow's sister). On On Soff

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