October 20, 2011

Awkward Orchids


Well, so much for Tracka's anticipated gentle stroll around the orchid reserve... the little pack was wantonly cast into a wasteland of ankle-snapping ditches, razor-edged tree stumps and soft tussocks which gave way to knee deep mud when trodden on. After this outburst of bastardry, trail returned to the gravel road and, for the wa*kers, followed a slurry of forestry tracks home. The r*nners dove off across the railway line into the never never, eventually returning none the worse for wear. A Bit of This and Dini enjoyed a stroll through the reserve whilst they waited for the r*nners, but there didn't seem to be too may orchids in flower. On back to Bells Parade for a lacadaisical circle 'cos no one could really be fecked. Rigged raffle had prizes enough for sixty, but not everyone won something. (lucky b*ggers) Tinsel won an out of the date condom which she thought was edible if only she could get the packet open. Flasher took the hub home again to remind him to give it to Mabel.
Next week's r*n 6.30pm Monday 24th October is being set by High Beam and Mullet from 23 Taroona Street, Hawley Beach.
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