October 23, 2011

Burnie Ten, the Greatest Slow for some

OK OK, nothing to do with Devonport Hash, hardly any of us were there... But here are the two momentous shots. Dini with one of her fabulous cakes:

GoneAgain pictured below, casually striding across the finish line of the Burnie Ten in a course record time of 22:20minutes. Not a bad effort for 10kms, especially considering this was before even the first runners made it back, and the press wasn't even there to take note. As long as we all know that Devonport Hash has a humble and non-competitive hasher with (very well) hidden talents.

Remember next r*n at 6.30pm Monday 24th October set by High Beam and Mullet from 23 Taroona Street, Hawley Beach.

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