July 20, 2009

Dint's Dash for Hash

The Hash Monk arranged for the rain clouds to temporarily dissipate to allow for a rain-free run. Onya Ringo. Three platoons of walkers completed the course and a small contingent of runners ran the distance. As we were making the East Devonport streets un-safe, bare footed and scantily robed (no doubt) Koff was sweating in the kitchen over the chillies which formed the basis of her Spag-Bog. The circle was completed with the Wigged Waffle which included a bottle of Cow-Girl. Maggie collected all the worthwhile prizes because he must have paid Flasher handsomely - same as what the Poms did to the referees at the Ashes that were going on concurrently.
We learned the words to our own bloody hash song. Some of us hashers acted as if they had never seen them before!!
The new adornment to thePublish Post Burnie Hashshit, compliments of Dint, is very much appreciated by Dini who vowed to share it fairly amongst her fellow female Burnie tribe members.

Next week's run by Black Trakka... somewhere in the 7310 postcode.

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