May 31, 2011

Mable misses Dint's run

Mable going to Hash... Original photo by

The cool pack assembled at Koff's and Dint's in an icy East Devonport. GoneAgain wearing barefoot runners and no light was brave to expose himself to the elements with his cough. When Mable failed to show up the pack left.

Walkers got to the second master check where Dint's secret message was to be read. It said something to the effect; 'Why should I bother setting a walkers trail if you c#nts always ignore it... So no special walking trail, and take this as your ON HOME you b#stards'  ... The runners did 7+ kms and didn't succumb to frostbite.

The fare waiting for us was again banquetulous, and there appears to be a gourmet trend in Hash happening. Too many unspeakable dishes to name, and only a few takers for the a la carte deserts. I just want some bangers and mash for the next run. Expired and unpalatable chocolates in the rigged raffle complemented by some Cairns souvenirs and riveting CDs.

Maybe Black Tracka will find us some pizzas and beer for next week's run. Meeting at the Glistening Erection at 630pm! Gloves might be of the order.

Dint's pussy...

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