November 4, 2014

Next Week's Hash; KISS

Run No 1743 will be from The Dell Luck Reserve near The Don Railway at usual hash time. This will be the AGM. As Grand Mattress Thrust is unable to attend, she has already anointed Black Tracka as her successor.

Run Organiser Triple Top has declared this a KISS run (keep it simple stupid). As I am throwing out the flour I am not sure what she is trying to say.

The Receding Hareline will be released in a separate "post".

Report on Run 1742.

11 walkers and 5 runners fronted for Dint's Expanding Universe Theory trail which "expanded" in ever increasing spirals with the Hash House as the nucleus. The walkers headed home from one of the inner loops while the runners continued on their ever developing helix including The Caroline Street Inclinator. They eventually imploded at the HHH and free fell back to the Hash House to enjoy a Pinks Bits spread of universal proportions. An entertaining Foggie liperary followed including a welcome to fist time hasher Sniffa. Dint was the recipient of the hub for reasons I do not recall.

Well done Koff and Dint. A sum of $300 was donated to The Cancer Council as a result of your efforts.

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