March 25, 2008

Dyke's Easter Run in Port Sorell

After a walk around the block we almost called it quits - the blind walkers following the blind talkers not having found the trail across the bridge almost gave up, but decided to give it another whirl as we'd only gone for 15 minutes!

In the end the run was a flat (0-20m) 5.96kms which we covered in 45 minutes! 430 kCalories were burned and copious ones consumed in the BBQ afterwards. Dint got 12 down downs for his photo appearing in the paper a gazillion times, and the cheap port for desert made urine the topic of choice for Giggles and GoneAgain.

Hareline Reminder:
  • 31/03/08 Bald Eagle Wells car park, Latrobe
  • 07/04/08 Dint TBA
  • 14/04/08 Tracka TBA

On On,

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