December 9, 2013

Christmas Norwesterly

Christmas in the NorthWest

Monday 9th Dec: Dell Luck Reserve near Don Railway, brought to you by Guardsvan. Dedicated to Feels on Wheels – wear black arm-band. Dhash 2013 Xmas T-shirts available hot from the press for the introductory price of $10.

Monday 16th Dec: A Bastard of a run from the Mount Gnoman car park at 630pm. OnOn at Bastard and Pioneer's - Adina Court, Penguin. If T-shirts haven't run out they'll be available for $100 each in your exact size.

Tuesday 17th Dec: LoonRhasH at Railton. Meet Bad Santa at the pub at 6.30 for a topiorific stroll!! Bring a $10 gift for the man in red so he's got something for us. No photography so the old bastard feels more encouraged to misbehave.

Sunday 22nd Dec: Burnie Spotlight car park 5pm. $10 gift for that man in red again!! Bring a plate of food to share at the On-on which will be at Santa's Grotto aka Ringo's Ranch.

Monday 23nd Dec: Cheese's Devonport Hash Christmas Cheer in Amherst Street, Ulverstone. Fabulous 17 Course Banquet planned. Bring a $10 (not including GST) secret Santa present and $20 for the run. No raffle, save $5 hooray!! If you're lucky you'll receive a left-over fancy Dhash Xmas shirt in a size you'd like to fit in.

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