January 17, 2013

Port Sorell Bike Hash

That's right, the annual motorbike Hash hosted by Knickers and Ratchet from the Port Sorell roundabout BBQ Rotunda is on again next Monday (21 Jan). Motorbikes leave 6pm from the Oz Rock Inn in Ulverstone. Burnie Hash is doing the trial run the sunday before: <click here>.

Last run was from the rear of the Spreyton Primary School. Guardy set a terrific 5 star run. The walkers never made it past the racecourse to Kelcey Tier where the Rambo/Whimp mark and the HHH were. The runners ran wild and seemed to have run most of the trail. Guardsvan's specialty curried sausages was complemented with a terrific rhubarb and cream and/or custard desert. He sure makes a good one man Hash band. Dint just wanted cream. FC and Cheese enjoyed the fizzy sugar powder from the raffle and made sure everyone got to wear some. Dint promised the hub to Cheese next time it showed up in the circle.

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